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A wilderness full of Puffle Creatures.

Puffle Creatures are kinds of Puffles that resemble real-life animals, Disney characters, objects and/or mythical creatures. It's likely that Puffle Creatures were originally animal-like Puffle Hats since a Purple Turkish Van Cat sketch appeared in a Puffle Hats video.


A Turkish Van Cat Puffle first appeared as a sketch during in a Puffle Hats sneak peek video. Following this appearance, more Puffle Creatures began to appear around the island during parties as statues, toys, transformations or as a physical creature.

In January 2014, Dino Puffles became the first adoptable Puffle Creatures during the Prehistoric Party 2014. They were followed by the Blue Border Collie and Orange Tabby Cat Puffles in March 2014, the Snowman Puffle during the Frozen Party, the Ghost Puffle during the Halloween Party 2014 and the Blue Crystal Puffle during the Merry Walrus Party. Upon the release of Puffle Wild, fifteen new Puffle Creatures were released; every Raccoon Puffle, every Rabbit Puffle, every Deer Puffle and the Yellow Unicorn Puffle.

A Blog Post by Megg posted on May 22nd revealed eight new Puffles and five new possible Puffle Creatures. Although they were listed only as rumors, it can be anticipated that they will eventually be revealed and adopted in the future.

List of Puffle Creatures[edit]




Unnamed Puffle Creatures[edit]

Other puffles have also appeared around the island although they haven't been officially named or classified as a Puffle Creature yet.

During the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit, a Puffle statue at the Snow Forts featured large ears and a curly tail. A similar puffle with these features appeared as a prop at the Marooned Lagoon during 2014 and 2015 Fairs.

At the Holiday Party 2012, an Orange Puffle with wings and feathers came out of the Clock Tower in the Snow Forts.

Two Puffle statues with a large stiggers and four insect-like legs appeared on top of the Stage during the Halloween Parties 2013 and 2014.

A Blue Puffle with pointed ears and a large curly tail was taken a picture of during the Club Penguin Media Summit. A yellow and orange version of this Puffle appeared alongside the Blue varient in the documentary "Club Penguin: New Horizons Part 2"[1] Another yellow varient of this Puffle appeared on the icon of the video "The Best of 2013 Mashup Remix".[2]


Puffle Creatures greatly differ from regular counterparts. Puffle Creatures cannot be cared for in the igloo and must be taken to the Puffle Hotel or other care stations around the island. Therefore, Puffle Creatures have no toys, favorite foods, and cannot wear Puffle Hats. Puffle Creatures can do Puffle Tricks although unlike regular Puffles, can only be walked by Members.



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