Puffle Hotel Roof

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Puffle Hotel Roof
Where Third floor of the Puffle Hotel
Opened March 20, 2013
Closed Still open.
Mini-Games None
ID 432
Tour Description
"This is the rooftop of the Puffle Hotel. Treat your pet to a delicious snack... go for a dip or relax by the poolside... Members can launch into the Cloud Forest!"

The Puffle Hotel Roof is a room in the Club Penguin. It is the third floor of the Puffle Hotel. It can be accessed from the elevator of the Puffle Hotel that is accessible at all the Puffle Hotel floors. It opened for all players on March 20, 2013 during the Puffle Party 2013. The room was updated on November 21, 2013 to accommodate several more puffle care features.





Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Cobertura do Hotel
French Toit de l'Hôtel
Spanish Tejado del Hotel para puffles
German Puffle-Hoteldach
Russian Крыша отеля