Puffle Digging

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Players 1 + a puffle
Minigame Location Any room except igloos
Date released June 20, 2013
Stamps awarded 7
Puffle Digging is a feature in Club Penguin that lets your Puffle dig for coins all around the island. Each puffle digs differently, and each time you dig, you will receive a different amount of coins at random. You can also earn stamps by completing certain tasks. Starting July 11, members are able to dig for rare items.[1]


The info about puffle dig was first released on a What's New Blog post here.

Date Update
June 20, 2013 Feature release; coins can be dug
July 11, 2013 Rare items can be dug
August 15, 2013 Favorite Puffle foods can be dug
November 14, 2013 Gold Puffle super-rare items can be dug
January 23, 2014 Dino Puffles can dig up exclusive items
April 17, 2014 Blue Border Collie and Orange Tabby Cat can dig up exclusive hoodies

Puffles Actions[edit]

Puffle Action
Blue Puffle Digs a hole in the snow and throw the treasure out, before hopping back up.
Red Puffle Jumps a few times,then it dives straight into the ground, creating a hole. It comes back up from the ground with treasure.
Black Puffle Jumps and makes a huge crack in the ground, which will open up and shoot out the treasure.
Purple Puffle Turns itself into a small tornado that opens a hole in the ground, then the treasure will pop out from the ground.
Pink Puffle Jumps once, creating a hole in the ground, where the treasure will burst out into the air and drop down to you.
Green Puffle Digs into the ground using its propeller. It will then throw the treasure up from the hole.
Yellow Puffle Paints a hole in the ground with its paintbrush, and the treasure will pop up out of the ground.
Brown Puffle Blasts a hole in the ground using its laser blaster, and the treasure will shoot up from the ground.
White Puffle Takes a deep breath and blows a dent in the ground, which will crack slightly, and the treasure will shoot up from a smaller hole inside.
Orange Puffle Licks a hole in the ground, where the treasure will pop out.
Rainbow Puffle Farts away snow, revealing a hole in the ground. The treasure will then float out.
Gold Puffle Pickaxes a hole in the ground, throwing dynamite into it. The dynamite explodes, revealing treasure.
Dino Puffle A volcano appears with a treasure chest made out of bone on the lava geyser. The volcano disappears and the bones break off of the treasure chest with treasure inside.
Blue Border Collie Sniffs around the treasure, then spins around the treasure until it is dug out.
Orange Tabby Cat Crouches and growls at where the treasure is, then pounces and digs up the treasure.
Snowman Puffle A carrot appears in a mound of snow. It will try to take it by mouth and the treasure will appear.
Ghost Puffle Enters the ground and when it goes up, a hole appears with the treasure chest.
Puffle Creatures from Puffle Wild Creates light, the light then strikes the ground and the treasure appears.



Image Name ID Description
PuffleDigStamp.PNG Puffle Dig stamp 489 Walk a puffle and find treasure.
TastyTreasureStamp.PNG Tasty Treasure stamp (members only) 495 Find your puffle's favorite food in a treasure dig.


Image Name ID Description
FirstDigStamp.PNG First Dig stamp 490 See another player's puffle find their first treasure.
EveryColorStamp.PNG Every Color stamp 491 Dig up treasure with 11 different color puffles.
DigAllDayStamp.PNG Dig All Day stamp 492 Find puffle treasure 5 times in a day.


Image Name ID Description
BigDigStamp.PNG Big Dig stamp 493 Find over 50 coins in a puffle dig.
TreasureBoxStamp.PNG Treasure Box stamp (members only) 494 Find an item in a puffle treasure dig.

List of Available Items to Dig[edit]


Gold Puffle items[edit]

Dino Puffle items[edit]


Gold Puffle furniture[edit]

Dino Puffle furniture[edit]

Puffle Food[edit]