Puffle Chase

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Puffle Chase

The start screen.
Players 1
Minigame Location Numerous
Date released November 20, 2013
Stamps awarded No

Puffle Chase was a mini-game in Club Penguin which was released for Operation: Puffle. In game-play, players caught puffles with or without the help of their Gold Puffle, who in turn helped to collect golden items. This game was playable in numerous locations, one for every colored puffle, with the exception of Rainbow and Golden Puffles.


In this game, you had to slide up and down the hills to catch up to the puffles. Using the down-arrow key, you were able to slide down hills. If you attempted to slide up a hill, you either slowed down greatly, or stopped completely. Along the way, you were able to collect coins and, if you had a gold puffle, collect rare golden items inside of treasure boxes.

Gold Prizes[edit]

Here is a list of objects that the Gold Puffle could find on the chests:


Blue Puffle[edit]

Red Puffle[edit]

Black Puffle[edit]

Brown Puffle[edit]

Pink Puffle[edit]

Orange Puffle[edit]

White Puffle[edit]