Puffer Fish

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Puffer Fish
An inflated Puffer Fish.
Appearances Aqua Grabber, AquaRescue! as a Pin
Related To Unknown
Color Green with orange spikes

Puffer Fish are a group of fish who inflate when intimated. They are currently green and orange varieties. Judging by official blog, they seem easily frightened. A particularly large member of their species is found in Level 2 of Aqua Grabber as the boss guarding the level's valuable purple crystals (Amethyst).


Puffer fish seem to be easily scared and will inflate to their full size if penguins or anything bigger than them, approach them.

Grand Puffy[edit]

Grand Puffy

A particularly large member of their species, named Grand Puffy, lives in a cave at the bottom of the Soda Seas. It sucks in water then lets it out, in a similar fashion to that of the mythological Charybdis, pulling and pushing the Aqua Grabber craft. It is orbited by two inflated puffer-fish (up until you collect the amethyst).


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