Prehistoric Party 2014

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Prehistoric Party 2014
Prehistoric Party 2014 logo
Members only No
When January 22, 2014 - February 5, 2014
Free Item(s) See list
Catalog(s) None
Mascot(s) Gary
Where Prehistoric Club Penguin Island
Preceded by
Holiday Party 2013
Succeeded by
The Fair 2014

The Prehistoric Party 2014 was a party on Club Penguin. It started on January 22, 2014 and ended on February 5, 2014. The Prehistoric Party 2014 was the second annual Prehistoric Party. It was the first party of 2014. Members were able to adopt up to six Dino Puffles.


The party was confirmed by Polo Field on his Twitter[1] and the Club Penguin Magazine Issue 25. On January 2, 2014 a new slide on the mainpage and an ad on the login and exit screens confirmed that members will be able to adopt the dino puffles and membership page confirmed that members, like the last year, will be able to transform into dinosaurs. A tweet on the official Club Penguin Twitter account revealed that Gary is going to visit the island during the party.[2] On January 6, Polo Field posted on What's New Blog a sneak peek of the dinosaur eggs and the dino puffles as eggs.[3]

On January 8, Polo Field revealed a Concept Art of the party.[4] On January 20, a episode of The Spoiler Alert showed some rooms, how the new dinosaurs are and how the dinopuffles are.[5] On January 21, Polo Field said more details about the dino puffles.[6]

In-game development[edit]

On January 9, a message that read "Gary help! Ooga Ooga!" appeared in the Snow Forts. Jet Pack Guy deemed this as a suspicious message and advised Agents to secure the perimeter and search for clues. On the issue #429 of the Club Penguin Times, Gary said that the message is from his own distantancestor, Garugg the Ugg Ugg. According to Gary, even though Garugg is a caveguin, he has a scientific mind. Gary thinks that if he left the message for us, then there must be a scientific crisis. On the issue #430 of the Club Penguin Times, Aunt Arctic confirmed that we need to travel to the Stone Age because Garugg needs our help. On January 16, the message on the Snow Forts was closed and the Time Trekker appeared. There was a message inside saying that the Time Trekker is being calibrated. From January 23 to February 5, the penguins were able to travel to the prehistoric time to save the Dino Puffles. After a week, on January 30, the Megalodon on the Scary Ice disappeared. Penguins could seen it every hour on the modern Iceberg.

Free items[edit]

A total of eighteen free items were made available for this party. Items marked with a badge (Memberbadge.png) indicate that the item can only be obtained by members.


Party Pictures[edit]

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