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Chris Gliddon

Chris in an episode of The Spoiler Alert.

Full Name Chris Gliddon
Position Staff Member
Worked at Club Penguin 2006 - 2015
Penguin Polo Field
Don’t forget YOU make Club Penguin the special place it is! Keep working together to make CP even better.
— Chris Gliddon (Polo Field)

Chris Gliddon (commonly known as Polo Field) is from Canada and was a member of the Club Penguin Team, but not a moderator as he said. Polo worked with Happy77 and Billybob on videos, music and social media. He has been seen in many of the Club Penguin videos testing out parties along with other members of the Club Penguin Team and he makes some videos too. Polo also answers a lot of e-mails and he was a ghostwriter on Club Penguin's Official Blog (but now he will make his own posts). He was the first member of the Club Penguin Team to have his own public Club Penguin based Twitter account. Polo tweets in his own account @polofield and in the Club Penguin account @clubpenguin. His favorite item is the Keytar. Along with the Keytar, he usually wears the Graduation Cap, Mask, Astro Barrier T-Shirt, Keytar, and Brown Shoes as part of his outfit. On April 22, 2015, Megg announced that he was leaving Club Penguin [1].


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  • Polo loves keytars and he made Club Penguin design a red keytar to the Treasure Book.
  • He likes funny and random videos like "Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows".
  • His favorite Club Penguin party is the Holiday Party.
  • His favorite food is pizza and he usually go to Domino's Pizza that exists near the Club Penguin Office.
  • According to him, he is a "kind of Belieber" (Justin Bieber fan).
  • His favorite thing in the whole world are his kids.
  • His hobbies include hiking and reading.
  • He also likes video games like Paper Mario.[2]
  • Polo Field's favorite band member is Petey K.[3]
  • Polo Field has a copy of TAS 1000.[4]
  • Polo Field's favorite Fair Game is Puffle Paddle.[5]
  • He is a huge Muppet fan.[6]
  • He likes organic blueberries and yogurt.


  • He said his name is "Polo Field" because lots of outdoor concerts happen on polo fields. Also, he loves the smell of fresh green grass and he likes the sound of the phrase "Polo Field".
  • Businesmoose was his best friend and his office was next to Polo's. [citation needed]
  • He is very kind with penguins and he loves when they design a Twitter icon/avatar for him.
  • He and Moose decided that the Coffee Shop would have a new look and they decided the micro-party when the new Coffee Shop launched.[citation needed]
  • He was the first penguin who had the keytar.[citation needed]
  • He is still in touch with Screenhog.
  • He cried the day Screenhog left the team.[7]
  • He is Canadian, but has been to the US and he said he liked California and Oregon.
  • Polo Field appeared in the video "Cool in the Cold".
  • His birthday is on January 1st.[citation needed]

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