Pizza Chef

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Pizza Chef
Pizza chief.png
Full Name Pizza Chef
Species Penguin
Position Pizza Parlor Chef
Pizza Parlor Cashier
Appeared Secret Missions
Color Green
Clothing Pizza Apron
Chef Hat
Related To Unknown
Friends With Possibly Coffee Shop Barista
Others unknown
Meetable Character? No

The Pizza Chef is a Green Penguin on Club Penguin that wears a Pizza Apron and Chef Hat. He works in the Pizza Parlor. He appears in several Secret Missions and also appears in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. He is usually very busy and asks you to deliver pizzas, then your reward is a free pizza.

What the Pizza Chef might look like in Club Penguin.


PSA Missions[edit]

  • Mission 5: When you enter the Pizza Parlor you'll see that he is cleaning a mess of Hot Sauce and Chocolate Sauce on the ground, then you ask him if you can have a bottle of both. He will also ask you to deliver a pizza to a penguin fishing behind the Ski Lodge.
  • Mission 6: You ask for a vegetarian pizza so that Herbert will fall for your trap.
  • Mission 7: He confirms the Pizzatron 3000's timer is out of order since the Clock Tower was broken by Herbert. He also says that since the timer is not working he can't make pizzas and may have to switch to salads. He also lends you the music sheet near the piano.
  • Mission 8: You order a Double Meat pizza with extra gray fish for a green penguin outside.