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A slice of Pizza.

Pizza is a type of food that penguins can eat in Club Penguin. These and Candy Pizzas are created using Gary the Gadget Guy's invention, the Pizzatron 3000, which is found in the Pizza Parlor. Since April 2010, pizza has also been grown on Pizza Plants in the Community Garden, at the Mine Shack.

If you put on the Chef Hat (with or without the Pizza Apron) and dance, you can flip pizza dough in the air.

It is also eaten by puffles.

Types of pizza[edit]

Normal Pizza[edit]

Dessert Pizza[edit]


Puffles also eat pizza.


  • Pizza could be thrown during the April Fool's Day Party 2010 and the April Fools' Party 2011 at the Food Fight.
  • When Herbert ordered 4 pizzas, his bill was 1,000,000,001 coins. This was seen on This may be due to space delivery charges.
  • You can purchase pizza for your Puffle at the Puffle Snack Station at the Pizza Parlor. Non members can buy pepperoni pizza, and members can buy deluxe and candy pizza.


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