Pirate Translator 3000

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Not to be confused with the Puffle Translator 3000 and the Crab Translator 3000.
The Pirate Translator 3000.

The Pirate Translator 3000 is one of Gary's successful inventions. It consists of a microphone leading to a metal box with dials and switches, followed by an output speaker for the translation. It appeared in the comic "Rockhopper Translator."


Gary: Hello, everyone! Today we'll be testing my Pirate Translator 3000 on Rockhopper.

Rockhopper: Avast and ahoy me harties! Shiver me timbers! I have a blimey thirst that could sunder the seven seas! Smartly now, sailors, be there a buccaneer or landlubber to be me bucko and plunder me some cows grog?

Pirate Translator 3000:"Hello friends, could someone get me a glass of milk?"

Penguin: Did he really say that?

Rockhopper: Arrrrrrr....

Pirate Translator 3000: "Yesssssss...."


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