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Pink Puffle
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Pink.png
Available Yes
Attitude Sporty and cheery.
Member only Yes (Online Club Penguin)

No (Treasure Book)

Favorite toys Skipping rope, snorkel, trampoline.
Favorite food Watermelon
Play action Trampoline: Bounces and does flips on a trampoline
Rope: Skips rope and does flips in the process.
Dance Stretches both sides of its body.
Speed 3rd fastest puffle (in Puffle Roundup
Special features Healthy and likes to exercise
Elite Puffle Items Lasso
Favorite Games Aqua Grabber
ID 751
Color Scheme
body tongue

The Pink Puffle is a variant of puffle that has light-pink fur and a maroon-colored tongue. It is known for its sportiness, having sporty actions such as jumping rope. Even when it dances, the Pink Puffle does "Warm-Up" stretches. Sometimes, it is also depicted as cheerful and happy. It loves to swim. The Pink Puffle was one of the first four puffles available for adoption, and has since, only been available to member penguins. One notable pink puffle is the Elite Puffle, Loop. There was a collectable Pink Puffle Pin at the Cove from March 10th to March 24th in 2011. It can join penguins in Aqua Grabber and is playable, along with all of the other puffle variants (except for the Rainbow Puffle), in Puffle Launch and Pufflescape. It is also healthy and hates fat kinds of food like pizza and cake etc.

Description in the Puffle Handbook[edit]

It is said that the pink puffle's fur can hold 30 times its weight in water.

  • Personality: Sporty, cheery
  • Toys: Skipping rope, snorkel, trampoline
  • Observed in the wild: Using bubblegum to float
  • Favorite snacks: Veggies, fruits, Puffle-O's
  • Best game: Aqua Grabber
  • Cool fact: Loves to exercise and swim


Bath: When a pink puffle bathes, it first jumps into a blue bath tub filled with water. It then dives into the tub, puts on a snorkel, and snorkels around. After that, it hops out of the tub, removes its snorkel, and promptly shakes itself dry.

Hairbrush: The pink puffle's fur is brushed by a hairbrush, revealing a blue headband in the pink puffle's hair. It then shakes its hair, and once again conceals the blue headband in its hair.

Sleep: It closes its eyes and fancy "Z"'s form above its head as it falls asleep. It'll then wake up seconds later..

Bubble Gum: It chews a stick of bubble gum and blows a big bubble that causes it to float up. Seconds later the bubble pops, and the pink puffle lands safely on the ground.


"Run Away" postcard: A pink puffle snorkels in the water while carrying a hobo stick. The message reads: "Splish splashing away.. so long!"

"Come See My Puffle" postcard: Three pink puffles are in mid air while jumping on a pink trampoline. The message reads: "Come see my pink puffle!"


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Famous Pink Puffles[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Puffle Rosa
French Le Puffle Rose
Spanish Puffles rosa
German Rosa Puffle
Russian N/A


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