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The Forest, which is full of pine trees.

Pine Trees are one of the few species of flora in Club Penguin, along with seaweed. Pine trees are the most common flora in Club Penguin. They are basically evergreen trees covered with snow. Most of the pine trees in Club Penguin are located in the Forest and The Wilderness.


  • The Migrator, the Dojo, the Treetop Fort, and possibly other rooms are made out of Pine Trees, as there are no other local sources of wood apart from the tropical trees of Rockhopper Island.
  • During the Adventure Party in June 12–16, 2009, other types of trees and plants sprung up in Club Penguin.
  • You can find a pine tree in one of the igloo catalogs.
  • There was a pine tree costume in the December 2009 and December 2010 Penguin Style catalog. It is also unlockable in the Series 10 Treasure Book.


  • Pine trees make up 75% of flora in Antarctica.

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