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The first pin ever, the Shamrock Pin, which was located in the Coffee Shop.
The Ruby Pin - the first pin to ever return.
Were you looking for the real life pins?

Pins are popular, collectible items in Club Penguin. Every two weeks, a new pin is hidden somewhere on Club Penguin Island, and once gone, old pins will never return. A player obtains a pin by walking towards it and clicking 'Yes' in the dialogue box that pops up. Then, the player can select a pin from their inventory and it will appear on the top left hand corner of their player card. To find a pin, many penguins ask, "Where is the pin?" in-game or "Where did you find that pin?" if he/she is using Ultimate Safe Chat. Some pins are themed for an event that is coming up or going on. In the yearbooks in the Book Room, if you click in the right places, you will be able to view one pin that was hidden for that certain month (except for the 2006-2007 Yearbook). With the exception of the Disney Castle Pin, all pins are not unlockable.

Penguins can now see their pin collection in their Stamp Book.

Pin list[edit]

See main article, List of Pins.


See main article, Flag.

Flags are very similar to pins in that they are displayed in the upper left corner of a penguin's player card. However, these are bought at the very end of every Penguin Style catalog for 20 coins each. Flags are slightly larger than most pins.


  • The first pin that required you to click on something was the Cactus Pin, which was released at the Coffee Shop during the Winter Fiesta 2007, in which you had to move your cursor over the pinata there twice. After the party ended, the pin was placed in the spot where it would have landed during the party.
  • Currently, the only pins that will definitely never be gone are the Rockhopper's Key Pin and the Moss Key Pin, as they both allow access to a room.
  • There was an activity in the 101 Days of Fun that involved putting on an ice cream apron and leading penguins to a pin, the Ice Cream Sundae.
  • On June 10, 2009, on the What's New Blog, there was a vote on the next pin; the one chosen was a Beach Umbrella Pin.
  • On January 21, 2011 in the What's New Blog, there was a vote for pin that will be launched when the stage play The Haunting of the Viking Opera returns; the one chosen was a Viking Ship Pin.
  • From February 11 to April 21, 2011, Club Penguin had two pins hidden each week in honor of the Puffles.
  • Before CPIP, the pins were not correctly ordered.
  • From November 24, 2011 to December 1, 2011, Club Penguin didn't have a pin. (Except the Rockhopper's Key Pin and the Moss Key Pin which is always available)
  • Starting around 2013 the Moss Key Pin is the only pin that is stored in a room file.


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