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Petey K
Full Name Petey K
Species Penguin
Position Pianist/Accordionist/Guitarist of the Penguin Band
Appeared See appearances
Color Green
Clothing 2008-2011
Cowboy Hat, Aviator Sunglasses, Accordian
Toque and Hair, Shades, Accordion, Black Vest and Jeans, Sanuks
Club Penguin Animated Shorts
White and Gray striped Toque, Blue Bandana, Blue Electric Guitar
Related To Unknown
Friends With G Billy
Stompin' Bob
Meetable Character? Yes
YO! All our fans-you inspire us! And to G Billy who puts up with me, my kazoo, the smell of burritos at midnight, and all the pranks.

Petey K is the Penguin Band's pianist, accordionist and guitarist. He is classically trained artist who is smart, funny and an amazing dancer. He enjoys playing jokes on others and is most likely to start a food fight.


2006: Background and Debut[edit]

Petey K was a penguin who produced igloo music and a Pet Shop employee. Through unknown methods Petey K would end up joining the Penguin Band. Petey K was first seen performing with the Penguin Band during the Valentine's Day Celebration. Since then he has always performed with the Penguin Band.

2008: Change in Style[edit]

For the Music Jam 2008, the Penguin Band had a sudden change in their outfits. The Penguin Band leaned to more of a country-like theme with matching cowboy hats. The Band performed at the Iceberg and later waddled around Back Stage after their performance.

2010-Present: Modern Penguin Band[edit]

Sometime after the Music Jam 2010, the Penguin Band changed their outfits a third time. Petey K replaced his cowboy hat and aviator glasses with a red toque, a black vest, jeans and brown sanuks.

When the Penguin Band returned for the 4th Music Jam, their new outfits were publicly revealed in the Club Penguin Times.

After being invited by Cadence, she and the Penguin Band created a concept called SoundStudio. Presumably around the same time, Best Day Ever is recorded with Cadence as the lead singer and the Penguin Band as instrumentals. During the Music Jam 2014, the Penguin Band and Cadence performed on the Main Stage of the Music Cruise.


Petey K is a green-colored penguin with blonde curly hair. He wears a red toque, white sunglasses, a black vest over a white shirt, blue jeans, brown sanuks and varies around either a piano accordion or a blue electric guitar.

In the Club Penguin Animated Shorts, Petey K can be seen wearing a striped gray toque, a blue bandana, a black vest over a white shirt, blue jeans and tan sanuks.

Prior to the Music Jam 2011, Petey K wore a cowboy hat, aviator glasses and carried around a Concertina-resembling accordion.

Prior to becoming a mascot, he wore no outfit and was only seen playing his accordion.



Petey K's scripts
  • Hey guys!
  • Oh hi!
  • Hi hi hi!
  • Hey again!
  • Thanks for coming!
  • DUDES!
  • Hey what's that over there?
  • No that!
  • Naw it's nothing!
  • Gotcha!
  • How 'bout some jokes?
  • knock knock...
  • aardvark
  • Aardvark a million miles for a burrito!
  • knock knock...
  • broccoli
  • I dunno broccoli doesn't have a last name!
  • knock knock...
  • thermos
  • Thermos be a better knock knock joke than this!
  • Knock, knock
  • Turnip
  • Turnip the volume, it’s quiet in here!
  • Now tell me a joke!
  • hahaha!
  • nice one!
  • oohhh!!
  • groans
  • signs autograph
  • Let's jam!
  • sweet instrument!
  • u can totally play!
  • so wicked to meet u guys!
  • so sweet to meet u dudes
  • Tell me about your band
  • Who's in your band?
  • U guys look rad
  • You guys rock!
  • That's music to my ears
  • Did you try out SoundStudio?
  • I hope you like it!
  • I love messing with sounds on it
  • You can make some amazing songs
  • Or just ridiculous ones
  • Did you try the toot sound?
  • I made a whole album with that
  • I'll like that one!
  • You're gonna be at the top of the list!
  • What's up Cadence?
  • Heya Cadence!
  • Where's Lolz at?
  • Heya Lolz!
  • Let's have a dance party!
  • Woo!
  • No worries
  • Cadence wrote a super fun song
  • I wonder how it would sound...
  • on an accordian
  • on a kazoo
  • on a xylophone
  • What other instruments would sound good?
Penguin Band
  • Yo Franky!
  • Way to tickle those ivories
  • That's playing the piano
  • Stompin' Bob
  • Hey SB!
  • Stomp is our bassist
  • He's rock and roll to the core
  • I love being on tour with him
  • Because he ALWAYS falls for pranks!
  • Hahaha
  • Oh hey there SB!
  • eeee
  • I'm happy to meet you
  • Being in a band is the best!
  • I'll tell the band you said hi!
  • I like making my own instruments
  • I made a ukulele out of a tissue box!
  • Like the ukelele I made from a tissue box?
  • Guitar right now
  • But I love the accordion
  • but also kazoo and triangle...
  • I'll play anything haha!
  • Anyone seen my glockenspiel?
  • It's a neat instrument...
  • But I can never keep track of it
  • Did you get our background?
  • I designed it myself!
  • I hope you like it!
  • awesome!
  • haha thats funny!
  • for sure!
  • sweet!
  • yes!
  • no!
  • nooo way!
  • bummer!
  • nope!
  • oh maybe!
follow me!
  • Let's try another room
  • wanna come with?
  • What's over here?
  • This way!
  • Nice let's go!
  • Follow me guys!
  • got any burritos?
  • pizzas good too!
  • cheese please!
  • needs more squid
  • thanks!
  • inky goodness!
  • here got you some too!
  • whats your fave snack
  • ooh sounds tasty!
  • thanks!
  • The band's fave is def burrito
  • burrito-ville
  • burrito-rama
  • king of burrito-land
  • Hearts for burritos!
  • Extra hot salsa pls
  • Alright guys i gotta split
  • back real soon!
  • check out our next show k?
  • later guys!
  • see you dudes
  • stay chill
  • k bye!
  • thanks for the wicked good time
  • sweet times thx
  • you guys rock




  • According to himself
    • He made the Fairy Fables music.
    • His 2008 accordion was a limited edition version ordered from the Penguin Style.
    • If he wasn't a member of the Penguin Band, he would still be producing igloo music.
  • He loves coffee, pizza and burritos.
  • His 2011 signature resembles a penguin with glasses on.
  • His Buddy List icon doesn't have lenses in his shades.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Petey K
French Petey K
Spanish Petey K
German Petey K
Russian Пит
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