Pet Shop Owner

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Pet Shop Owner
Pet Shop Owner Mission 7.PNG
Full Name Pet Shop Owner
Species Penguin
Position Pet Shop Owner
Appeared Secret Missions
Color Red
Clothing I Love My Puffle T-Shirt
Related To Unknown
Friends With Any Puffle
Others unknown
Meetable Character? No

The Pet Shop Owner is the owner of the Pet Shop who appears in some PSA and EPF missions. He/She loves puffles, as he/she keeps them as pets. He/She wears the I Love My Puffle T-Shirt, and his/her color is red. He/she is only 1 of the 2 non-meetable characters that work at the Pet Shop.


  • PSA Mission 7: He/she is trying to feed a Red Puffle, but instead of Puffle O's coming out, a Purple Puffle comes out. You try to get a Yellow Puffle from him/her, but he/she says the Shop is out, also she says there is a wild one at The Stage.
  • EPF Mission 5: You get info from this penguin, because Flare won't start up his flame, and he/she says that they just need attention, and something to make them happy, like a Post Card.
  • EPF Bonus Mission 1: All the Elite Puffles are missing, and Agent PH tells you to go to the Pet Shop, and get info. The Pet Shop owner says Black Puffles usually hang around in the Mine. The second time you see this penguin, you tell him/her that there is a White Puffle leaving tracks (but really it's full of flour). You try to get cleaning supplies from him/her, but he/she says they are out, and then he/she tells you to try the Pizza Parlor.