Puffle Catalog

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Puffle Catalog

The current edition of the Puffle Catalog
Date released 2007.
Location Pet Shop (2007-present)
Puffle Hotel Lobby (2013)
Puffle Card (2011-present)
Sells Puffle Furniture
Available Yes
Updates Undefined

The Puffle Catalog (formerly Love Your Pet and Pet Furniture: Love Your Pet) is a catalog in the Pet Shop which sells various puffle-related items. A new catalog comes out once a Puffle update is made, usually. In every catalog, there are puffle beds, feeding dishes, furniture and Puffle Hats. Only members can purchase toys (other than puffle color-exclusive ones) from this catalog, and since March 2011 non-members can purchase toys and food.


Love Your Pet[edit]

Love Your Pet: Pet Furniture[edit]

Pet Furniture: Love Your Pet[edit]

The catalog's name was changed once again, this time to "Pet Furniture: Love your Pet" in February 2009. With the introduction of this catalog also came new "puffle interaction", where your puffles would actually play with the toys you bought them.

Puffle Catalog[edit]

The last time the catalog was officially renamed was on October 13, 2011. It introduced new Puffle Hats and eventually, puffle food items for the Puffle Card. After the name changed, the catalog also became available in the Puffle Card


Originally, the Love Your Pet catalog had Puffle Houses, Beds, enrichment items (toys, such as the Small Scratching Post), a few accessories such as food dishes, and finally, other pets such as turtles and birds.

In February 2009, the "other pets" section was removed, and soon afterwards new toys were released due to the new puffle interactions, where puffles would actually play with their toys.

In October 2011, Puffle Hats were released.