Penguin Tales '09

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The cover of the book.

Penguin Tales '09 is the third Penguin Tales book, which was released in 2009. It is located in the Book Room in Club Penguin. The Snowball Press were the publishers of the book. It contains the winning stories from the third Club Penguin Writing Contest that took place in September 2009. It has four stories:

  • Turn Blue and Sink the Iceberg - Chewydr (English)
  • Hiking Vikings - Pamelin40 (Spanish)
  • Wildlife - Myndinha (Portuguese)
  • Igloo Dance Party - 4884lune (French)


  • It was the first Penguin Tales book to have stories translated from foreign languages.
  • This was the last Penguin Tales book, as there was not one since.
  • It was the only Penguin Tales book that had more than three stories.

Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Contos de Pinguim - Volume 3
French Contes Pingouins - Volume 3
Spanish Cuentos de Pingüinos - Volumen 3
German Pinguin Geschichten - Band 3
Russian N/A

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