Penguin Standard Time

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The main clock is located in the Snow Forts.

Penguin Standard Time, commonly known as PST, is the time zone used in Club Penguin. It is used for all clocks in the island. It is actually Pacific Standard Time. The main clock is a giant digital clock located in the Snow Forts that displays the current time. It is also in the Community section next to the Featured Igloo. It is useful for meeting penguins from other time zones at a pre-determined time. On a part of the clock it says that it is invented by G (Gary the Gadget Guy). If you throw a snowball at the target, it will spin around, making all the visible cogs and gears spin, giving the impression that it is running the clock. In the Ski Lodge there is an analog clock (it's not usually read) and every half hour, Fred the Clockwork Cuckoo will pop out. Also if you are an EPF Agent on Club Penguin, after completing the Clock mission, an award will be given to you, and if you click it (the round silver part), a clock will appear. It tells you the time on your computer. Also on the Community section of, there is a penguin with a wristwatch, and under him/her it shows the time.

Time Zone Clock[edit]

Time Zone Pacific Mountain Central Eastern Atlantic GMT
Standard 05:16 06:16 07:16 08:16 09:16 13:16
Daylight 06:16 07:16 08:16 09:16 10:16 14:16
A map showing different timezones

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