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Other than Club Penguin, there were also five other variants of Penguin Chat 3. These were basically the same game, but with a custom logo, characters, artwork, and music. They are licensed to various websites and companies.


The following is a list of the Penguin Chat 3 variants with their descriptions from

Crab Chat[edit]

Created for Barefoot Ministries. Players can select from four differently colored crabs (pink, blue, red and green), build sand castles, and chat with friends. There is a possible Club Penguin reference in this variant, as the red crab resembles Klutzy.

Chibi Friends Chat[edit]

Players can select from 12 characters and join the party at Club Sapphire.

Goat Chat[edit]

Created for UP2U Awards. You can visit the farm and chat with the goats.


Created for Ultra-Shock. You can wander around as little robots and chat with your fellow developers.

TV Chat[edit]

Created for Play UK. Visitors can select from six characters and five faces that showed different icons (a heart, the Yin Yang symbol, an exclamation mark and a question mark, two fireballs and a skull).


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