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Penguin Chat 3
The logo for Penguin Chat 3.
Platform Browser
Developer Rocketsnail Games
Publisher Rocketsnail Games, New Horizon Interactive[1]
ESRB rating Not Rated
Genre MMOG
Date released March 31, 2005 [2]
Penguin Chat 3, commonly abbreviated as PC3, was the third installment of the Penguin Chat series, and the last predecessor to Club Penguin. It was created by RocketSnail Games, and was released on March 31st, 2005. It was taken offline on October 28th, 2005.[3]



From February 2005 until Penguin Chat 3's public release on March 31st, RocketSnail released released many pre-release teasers for the upcoming game, including sneak peeks of the Town, Coffee Shop, and Disco, as well as an image of the upcoming penguin colors and a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) blog post.[4][5][6][7][8]


Penguin Chat 3 was publicly released around 10 AM Pacific time (Club Penguin time), and could be played here.[9][10] Over the next few months, many new things were added to the game, such as Ninjas, the Boiler Room, and new music in the Disco/Dance Club.[11][12] [13]

The "BIG" Update[edit]

In May 2005, a new room was released.[14] It is presumed that this was involved with the game that was being developed by RocketSnail Games and New Horizon Interactive- then known as The "BIG" Update. Along with this new room, a new "item" also became available- you could be a construction worker.


When "The "BIG" Update" was released in October 2005 as Club Penguin, a new era had begun. As such, it was time for Penguin Chat 3 to come to an end. The game was taken offline on October 28th, 2005. Also Club Penguin was taken offline on March 29th 2017 [3]


A Penguin from Penguin Chat 3.

PC3, like the rest of the Penguin Chat series, was simply about chatting and having fun. It didn't have memberships, coins, or minigames. However, it did have Emoticons and Snowballs.



In Penguin Chat 3, Ninjas were a secret. When you opened up the color select window, if you clicked the "n" in "Select Your New Penguin", a secret ninja outfit would pop out. Once you selected the ninja outfit as a color, you would have a black color, with a headband, belt, and sword on your back. Dancing would make it transparent, identical to dancing as a ninja in Club Penguin.

Construction Worker[edit]

You could also be a construction worker. You had to click on the hook of the crane in the sky (the crane was behind a fence in the back) in the snowfields that were right of the Town to get the hard hat (you did not have a player card back then, so you did not really get a hard hat, you just wore one). If you danced, you would be drilling the ground and if you went into the middle snow fields, you would be driving a snowcat, a special form of transportation forever immortalized when it was once shown on the wall of the Pizza Parlor, and is a Club Penguin pop culture top subject, but was only available on Penguin Chat 3. By the looks of the photos, when you became a construction penguin, you became Old Blue and you became a Club Penguin style penguin.


In the toolbar, there was a chatbox, the snowball button, the actions button, a sit down button, the emotes button, a "Tell a Joke" button, and the enter-text button. There was an arrow button that collapsed the chatbox to make the toolbar smaller. To change color, you would have to log out and log back in and select a different color. There was a chat history and report button on the upper left of the screen. Judging from the pictures found, there is also a heart button and a musical note button. These are actually two emotes that are still on Club Penguin so it is believed they were just two other emotes you can do. There seems to be a couple help buttons on the right of the toolbar as well (probably for technical assistance, etc.).


Like Club Penguin, you needed to make an account on Penguin Chat 3 in order to play the game.

Differences from Club Penguin[edit]

A penguin from Club Penguin compared to one from Penguin Chat (note the penguin color).


Snowballs were also available in Penguin Chat 3, however you didn't choose where to throw it. You would press a button and the penguin would randomly throw a snowball.


Penguins changed their appearance slightly during the transition of Penguin Chat 3 to Club Penguin, although they retained the same cartoon concept. Penguins in Penguin Chat 3 used to be a bit more complex, there was a fair bit of bevel on them, colors were more realistic and darker and their body shape was a lot more pointy and less curved.


In Penguin Chat 3, penguins didn't own their own igloos, however one public one was later available in one of the empty rooms, which was also the new home of the Penguin Chat 3 Band, where you could actually hear music.


Because Penguin Chat 3 was simply a chatworld, items and membership weren't available. There would not have been a point to membership because it was only to test the Club Penguin servers. Furthermore, membership wouldn't have had any benefit to any penguin in the game, because of the lack of fundamentals to provide membership privileges anyway.


Some music from Penguin Chat 3 is also in Club Penguin now. The reggae music from the Club Penguin Coffee shop was originally in the Penguin Chat 3 Coffee shop. In the igloo, I've Been Delayed was played and in the Night Club, it would play a random song.[citation needed]


  • Penguin Chat 3 was created to test the Club Penguin servers because the old Club Penguin servers ran on PHP. This is the reason they crashed so often.




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