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Penguin Chat
The logo for Penguin Chat.
Platform Browser
Developer Rocketsnail Games
Publisher Rocketsnail Games
ESRB rating Not Rated
Genre MMOG
Date released January 4, 2003[1]
Were you looking for Penguin Chat 3?

Penguin Chat, commonly known as PC was an online MMOG game created by RocketSnail Games. It was the successor of Experimental Penguins.


A user could create a username and password and then log in to Penguin Chat. Starting October 12th 2003, a user had the option to use a guest account with no specific password and enter a nickname for the account. There are 3 known rooms that a player could explore and meet other users. Players had the options to either use emotes, throw snowballs, tell jokes, dance or sit through a toolbar on the bottom of the screen. You would have to click in order to move from one place to another. Once a user was done playing, they would click the blue X button on the top right corner to disconnect from the server. This form of gameplay is very similar, almost identical, to the other installments of the Penguin Chat franchise.


  • Main Room
  • Snow Room
  • Igloo


In 2001, rsnail announced a new strategy game called "Snow Blasters". This was eventually changed into a "web toy" called Penguin Chat. It began public testing on January 4th, 2003. After several weeks of testing, the full release launched on February 3rd, 2003.



Penguin Chat introduced a new, blue toolbar. It allowed users to use emoticons, throw snowballs, and do other such things. Unlike the toolbar in Experimental Penguins, it was located in the middle of the bottom of the screen.

Other languages[edit]

Penguin Chat was also available in Dutch.[2]

Other versions[edit]

Penguin Chat upgraded to a new version, called Penguin Chat 3 on March 31st, 2005.



  • The game was created using Flash 5.[3]
  • This was the first Penguin Chat/Club Penguin game to introduce the Penguin Band. The band played at the igloo room.
  • Up until January 21st 2003, you could not aim your snowballs. If you pressed the snowball button, your penguin would throw one in a random place.



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