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The Paint By Letters Logo on the cover of Lime Green Dojo Clean.

Paint by Letters (also known as PBL) was a game/book series found in the Book Room's Library. The premise was a typing game in which players followed the whole story on their keyboards. Sometimes, decisions which would change the course of the story had to be made. Players also received bonus coins if they found all of the hidden coins contained in the books. The series was introduced on March 10, 2008. There were three books in the series:

The base amount of coins you got in My Puffle was 50 (max 250). The base amount of coins you got in Burnt Out Bulbs was 220 coins (max 800). The Lime Green Dojo Clean score was 160 (max 800). The maximum amount of coins could be achieved by completing the game, as well as finding all of the bonus coins. However, different decisions in the story could make finding hidden coins difficult, as there were different sets and therefore different hiding spots.

The game was removed on June 16th, 2012 due to unpopularity and lack of playing.[citation needed]


  • Oddly, the Paint by Letters books were the only thing in Club Penguin that were exclusive to English. Those books were missing in the other languages (Portuguese, French, Spanish and German) libraries.
  • The .swf files show dark black penguins on the cover.
  • This is the first non-party exclusive game to be removed.


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