Orange Puffle

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Orange Puffle
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Orange.png
Available Yes
Attitude Zany, Curious
Member only Yes
Favorite toys Box, Wagon
Favorite food Sock
Play action Monster Truck
Dance Spins hula hoop
Speed Very slow (formerly fastest)
Special features Sleeps very deeply
Elite Puffle Items None
Favorite Games None
ID 758
Color Scheme
body tongue

The Orange Puffle is a puffle that was released on February 25, 2010.[1] It was previously only rumored to exist. Eventually, there were many sightings on the Club Penguin Island, as well as in a video on the Club Penguin website homepage.

A lot was unknown about the Orange Puffle. The first sighting was in a puffle video. It was later spotted in the Box Dimension and the Ski Lodge, coming out of the Cuckoo Clock on the left wall in the place of Fred the Clockwork Cuckoo every half hour. Another sighting of the Orange Puffle was at the Ski Village, where the Orange Puffle would come when there are 10 orange penguins there.

Like the Blue Puffle, the Brown Puffle and the White Puffle, the Orange Puffle does not not have a game it can join in (other than Puffle Launch and Pufflescape).


The Orange Puffle is a zany, curious puffle. Its eccentric actions and buck teeth enforce this. It is also known that this kind of puffle likes to eat, dance and play, it is one of the most active and sporty puffles discovered in Club Penguin yet. It has a visible black strand of hair on its head, which is curly and long.

Description in the Puffle Handbook[edit]

This species has teeth strong enough to demolish petrified Puffle O's. And everything else.

  • Personality: Curious, zany
  • Toys: Box wagon, truck
  • Observed in the wild: Making quick decisions
  • Favorite snacks: Everything (eats puffle bowl)
  • Cool fact: Sleeps very deeply and drools... and drools...
  • Favorite place: Pizza Parlor

List of actions[edit]

  • Bath: Jumps on a diving board three times before the board snapping and the puffle falling in.
  • Postcard: Rides away on a wagon by saying goodbye without a hobo stick.
  • Groom: Its hair is combed from side to side.

Sightings around Club Penguin before availability[edit]

  • Ski Lodge: It came out every 30 minutes (for example, 00:00 and 00:30). The Orange Puffle replaces Fred in the cuckoo clock.
  • Box Dimension: It came out every 15 minutes (for example, 00:15, 00:30 and 00:45). A box floats past and an Orange Puffle pops out covered in styrofoam.
  • Ski Village: It came out when 10 penguins are wearing Orange. The Orange Puffle comes down on the Ski Lift and then goes back up the Mountain on the Ski Lift.


Famous Orange Puffles[edit]


  • The Orange Puffle still appears at the Box Dimension to this day even after its release.
  • The Orange Puffle wasn't adapted into the My Puffle book, so a Blue Puffle replaced it. This also happened if you used a Brown Puffle. Neither were added, as the game was taken out on 2012.
  • According with Puffle Handbook, the Orange Puffle favorite place is Pizza Parlor.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Puffle Laranja
French Le Puffle Orange
Spanish Puffle naranja
German Oranger Puffle
Russian N/A


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