Operation: Puffle

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Operation: Puffle
Operation: Puffle logo.
Members only No
When November 20, 2013 - December 4, 2013
Free Item(s)

Head Lamp, Bullhorn, Rock Climbing Rope, Thermos, Search Flashlight, Puffle Freedom Statue, PH's Golden Puffle Giveaway, Herbert's Hoard Giveaway

Gold Puffle Chain, Golden Hoodie, Golden Off-Roader, Golden Sneakers, Golden Headphones, Rescue Off-roader, Hydro-Tester 3000, Stethoscope, Puffle Field Medic Outfit, Rescue Ring, Search & Rescue Snowmobile, Snow Goggles, Arctic Camouflage Suit, Survival Snorkel, Rescue Diver Suit
Catalog(s) Operation: Puffle Catalog
Mascot(s) PH
Where The Wilderness
Preceded by
8th Anniversary Party
Succeeded by
Holiday Party 2013

Operation: Puffle was an event on Club Penguin. It started on November 20, 2013 and ended on December 4, 2013. The event involved another attack on the Island by Herbert where he captured puffles around the island and Elite Penguin Force agents were out to stop him. A temporary mini-game called Puffle Chase was released as part of the plan to defeat Herbert. Herbert could be met in-game throughout the event as well as PH, who was celebrating the recent discovery of the Gold Puffle.


The event was confirmed by Spike Hike on his Twitter account. On November 16, ClubPenguin.com was updated confirming the participation of Herbert. On the same week, Waddle On! aired with more information about the rooms.


On November 6, 2013, the Cave Mine was covered by a rock slide, blocking access to the room. The following week, on November 13, Gold Puffles were discovered in the newly opened Gold Mine.

Free items[edit]

A total of 22 free items were made available for this event. Of these, eight can be obtained by all players and the remaining ones are for members only. Items marked with a badge (Memberbadge.png) indicate that the item can only be obtained by members.

Elite Penguin Force mission[edit]

The event can be classified as a mission for Elite Penguin Force agents to save the island from Herbert. To do this, agents must take part in several tasks throughout the event, including playing a game called Puffle Chase and then entering Herbert's Lair.

Puffle Chase[edit]

See main article, Puffle Chase.

Puffle Chase is a minigame all players can play during this event. The purpose of the game is to collect chips from puffles that have been captured by Herbert. By capturing at least one puffle, players will obtain the chip for the puffle color they were chasing and will also earn coins and items. Members can also bring along a Gold Puffle which will add bonus gold-colored items to their inventory. Players must collect all ten chips to unlock the final task of the event.

Defeating Herbert[edit]

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. Click “Expand” to view spoilers.

After collecting all ten chips from Puffle Chase, players can enter Herbert's Lair, where they will confront Herbert. As the player enters the room, Herbert traps him/her with a circle of hot sauce (fire). To escape, the player must enter a vent and get over to the other side. Upon exiting the vent on the opposite side, players must shut down Herbert's system by matching the colors of the puffle chips with the color indicated on the computer. Upon completion, a red button is pressed and puffles will be freed from Herbert's control. Herbert is last seen being run over and carried out of the room by a group of puffles and Klutzy follows him out. By defeating Herbert, all players are eligible to receive the Puffle Freedom Statue (furniture item) and 5000 coins.

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Operação: Puffle
French Opération: Puffle
Spanish Operación: Puffle
German Operation: Puffle
Russian Операция пафл