Old Blue

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Old Blue
Oldblue penguin2.png
Available No
Type Color
Member item N/A
Party None
Cost N/A
Where found N/A
Item ID(s) N/A

Old Blue is a penguin color that was used in Penguin Chat 3 but did not re-appear at the launch of Club Penguin. Instead of Old Blue, Club Penguin now uses three different shades of the color blue, Light Blue, Dark Blue, and Aqua. Old Blue is lighter than Dark Blue, but darker than Light Blue. In the earlier tutorial videos, Old Blue was seen on penguins.

Color Values[edit]

Color value
#2E47AA 46, 71, 170 227, 72, 66
Shadow value
#172355 23, 35, 85 228, 73, 33


  • Gary is Old Blue in Missions, artwork, etc. However, he is not Old Blue on his Player Card.
  • The penguins clapping at the finish line in Sled Racing are Old Blue.
  • G Billy used to be old blue.
  • The unnamed old blue penguin.
  • The penguins in the Actions menu on the toolbar are Old Blue.
  • Bernie wears this color.
  • The penguin on the cover of The F.I.S.H is old blue.


  • Before CPIP, the penguins in the room would be old blue while loading.
  • There used to be a glitch where if you wore the Green Hoodie and danced, you would turn Old Blue.
  • Currently, if you wave, sit or dance with a Puffle and send it home, you will turn old blue.
  • if you dance with the gold jacket on for a frame you will become old blue
  • if you wear a skateboard you will become old blue




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