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An O-Berry

O-Berries (sometimes called Puffle O's) are "O"-shaped berries, native only to Club Penguin. O-Berries are orange rings with leaves on them, growing on bushes. O-Berries, however, seem to only grow in The Wilderness, so it is unknown how penguins get to them. However, some research and a lot of thinking shows the Outback Pond behind the Ski Lodge might lead to the Wilderness. Boxes of these berries are sold in the Pet Shop.

Involvement in Missions[edit]

  • Mission #2 - You must cheer up a Black puffle by giving it O-Berries. You also use them to start a fire. If you do not catch a fish and/or you do not use the fishing pole, you can eat them.
  • Mission #6 - Someone tied up the O-Berries to a Pine Tree (Possibly Herbert) and you must use the scissors in your Spy Phone to get them down. You then use them to feed a hungry Black Puffle. Then, when Herbert traps you in a cage, you must throw the berries onto parts of the Cage releases so the puffle can free you. You also learn that giving an O-Berry dipped in Hot Sauce to a Black Puffle can be dangerous.




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