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What a typical Non-Member might look like.

Non-members are penguins that do not pay a subscribed membership on Club Penguin. They do not have as many privileges as members.

What non-members can do[edit]

  • Play minigames, but don't have access to as many levels.
  • Earn belts in Card-Jitsu and become a Ninja.
  • Earn items for the Fire, Water and Snow Suit and become Fire, Water and Snow Ninja.
  • Become an EPF Agent with the EPF and earn Medals (EPF), but does not earn most special agent items.
  • Access most of the rooms in Club Penguin excluding "members-only" rooms (such as member party rooms), but not given priority access to rooms and servers.
  • Chat with other penguins.
  • Sending postcards to friends, including the EPF Invitation if the penguin is an EPF Agent.
  • Buy any colors, backgrounds, flags at the Penguin Style and most pins.
  • Receive free items given away at parties, and tour guides.
  • Adopt your own blue or red pet puffles, only limited to 2. (If a penguin was once a member, but their membership expired, they can keep any additional puffles they may have purchased.)
  • Buy puffle food and toys.
  • Earn stamps, excluding member stamps.
  • If you buy a Club Penguin toy, book, or trading card game, then you receive a code that can unlock some items previously only available to Members.
  • Unlock Puffle Hats.
  • Dig for coins in Puffle Digging.
  • Use free furniture items and free igloos.

What non-members can't do[edit]

  • Access all mini-game levels.
  • Purchase mini-game upgrade items.
  • Earn EPF agent items (Agent, Tactical, Comm, Tech and Stealth)
  • Priority access to rooms and servers.
    • Access the Underwater, if they don't have the member-only Moss Key Pin. However, if the penguin was a member before and got it, the penguin can still access Underwater after the membership expires.
  • Unlimited access to exclusive features at Parties.
    • Access special Member-Only areas.
    • Receive free member items.
    • Buy member items from party catalogs.
    • Attend the Member-Only parties.
  • Wear any clothing items for your penguin. (if the penguin was once a member).
    • The exception are the items for all during parties and the Items for Everyone in the Penguin Style catalog.
  • Adopt any color of puffle (except red and blue) and adopt up to 20 puffles. The exception to these rules are using a toy code to adopt a puffle or adopting the puffles with a membership.
  • Buy member furniture from the Furniture Catalog or igloo from the Igloo Catalog.
  • Get interactive igloo items for your pet puffles.
  • Choose background music for your igloo.
  • Open igloos to the public and host parties and events.
  • Customize the Stamp Book.
  • Get member stamps.
  • Buy Puffle Hats in Puffle Catalog.
  • Dig for rare items and puffle food in Puffle Digging.

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