Ninja Hideout

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Ninja Hideout
Where At the Dojo Courtyard on the left hut.
Opened November 17, 2008
Closed May 23, 2013
(Open 4 years, 6 months, 6 days)
Mini-Games Card-Jitsu
ID 322
Tour Description
"Welcome to the Ninja Hideout. Here we can learn to master the elements. The glowing tablets open the Elemental Dojos.... where everyone can play Card-Jitsu Fire and Water."

The Ninja Hideout (also known as Dojo Hide in some files) was a room in Club Penguin. It was one of the rooms that doesn't house pins along with the Agent Command and the Town. During the Card-Jitsu Party 2011, everyone can enter in this room. After the end of the party, it was opened to everyone. It closed on May 23, 2013 at the start of Card-Jitsu Party 2013. The entrance to Elemental Dojos, Martial Artworks and the Amulet are moved to the renovated Dojo.

Way to access the Hideout at the Courtyard, this door was only available after you have beaten Sensei.


The Ninja Hideout was built by Sensei around the same time of the Dojo. It was updated after Sensei's Scavenger Hunt and given an amulet pattern on the ground. After many weeks of construction, an entrance to the Fire Dojo was created. After it began to rain, the entrance to the Water Dojo was being constructed. Once the Water Dojo's entrance was completed, the room was left untouched until May 2013. A blizzard began covering most of the Ninja Hideout. The Ninja Hideout vanished after the Dojo was dug out from the blizzard's snow.


The Ninja Hideout has a shop called the Flying Flippers Emporium, where you can buy special Ninja items from a catalog called Martial Artworks. It is also possible to play Card-Jitsu here on the four mats in the corner. Try throwing snowballs at the hanging gongs or clicking on them.

The Martial Artworks Catalog[edit]

Main article: Martial Artworks

The Martial Artworks was the catalog found in the Ninja Hideout. It contained a Ninja Outfit, a Dojo Igloo, a White Gi, a Hand Gong as well as some other assorted items.


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Past Rumors[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Esconderijo Ninja
French Repaire du Dojo
Spanish Interior del dojo
German Ninja-Versteck
Russian N/A