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Cory in an episode of The Spoiler Alert.

Full Name Cory Ransom
Position Blogger
Worked at Club Penguin Unknown
Penguin Ninja

Cory (commonly known as Ninja) is the video manager for Club Penguin. After Businesmoose announced that he would be leaving Club Penguin, a vote was held on the What's New Blog to determine who his replacement would be. Out of the four candidates, Ninja had the most amount of votes, becoming Businesmoose's replacement as a Club Penguin blogger. His real name was confirmed in the first episode of The Spoiler Alert. In 2016, he became the video manager and no longer posts on the blog.


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  • It is unknown how long Ninja has worked for Club Penguin, although his penguin was most likely created in 2005 because it is the original "Ninja" (without excess letters or numbers).
  • Ninja's departure from the blogging team wasn't announced until late August when Megg said at a community event that he had joined the video team.

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