Mullet Capture stamp

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Mullet Capture
Available Yes
Type Games → Aqua Grabber
Difficulty Extreme
Members only? Yes
Stamp ID 92
How to obtain Capture the large red fish and return to the net

The Mullet Capture is a stamp in Club Penguin. Only members can obtain this stamp, as Soda Seas is only playable by members.


This stamp was released on July 26, 2010 as one of the original stamps.

How to obtain this stamp[edit]

In order to obtain this stamp, the player needs to hit the top of the last Soda Seas cave with cream soda in it, pick up the worm, feed it to Fluffy, feed him to the Mullet and drop the Mullet into your net, without releasing him along the way. He will try to bang against the wall to make you let go of him.