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Moss Key
Moss Key Pin.PNG
Available Yes
Type Pin
Member item Yes
Party None
Cost Free
Where found Underwater Room
Item ID(s) 7016

The Moss Key pin is a pin in Club Penguin that was released in March 2010 when Puffle Rescue was released. This pin is the only way to enter the Underwater Room from the Hidden Lake other than during the Cave Expedition. The only way to get it is from inside the Underwater Room but the only way to get in there and do it is by playing the game Puffle Rescue. It looks similar to the Captain's Quarters Key.


The Moss Key pin was Club Penguin’s 117th pin.

Release history[edit]

Available from Available until
March 15, 2010 March 29, 2017

Finding the Pin[edit]

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  • The only way to find this pin is to be in the Underwater Room however it is impossible to get into this room without the pin unless the penguin plays the game Puffle Rescue.

In the game, the penguin must play the members only Black Puffle level. Rescue one and, after getting the black puffle, the Giant Squid will appear and swim out to sea leaving a trail of bubbles behind it. The penguin must use those bubbles to chase the giant squid to a coral reef far out to see where there will be a staircase which leads into the Underwater Room where the penguin can get the Moss Key Pin.

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  • It is supposed that this pin will become the second permanent pin, the first being the Rockhopper's Key Pin. This can be assumed since, to return to the Underwater Room without constantly replaying a certain level of Puffle Rescue, one must have this pin to enter the room. This pin may become unavailable if, for some reason, the Underwater Room is unlocked and can be accessed without the Moss Key Pin.
  • This is the second pin to be available through a game, the first being the Golden Wheel Pin, which could be obtained in the game Aqua Grabber when it was first released.
  • It is the first members only pin. The second is the Toothbrush Pin.
  • As of January 9, 2012, you can only see the pin in the room when you haven’t gotten it yet.[1]

Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Pin Chave Musguenta
French Le Pinz Clef des Fonds Marins
Spanish Pin de llave musgosa
German Moos-Schlücssel-Anstecker
Russian Замшелый ключ

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