Mission Console

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The mission console.

The Mission Console (also known as the Mission Screen or the Mission Panel) is where you can access the available Secret Missions. It was probably built by Gary the Gadget Guy. It used to be accessed by going to the Spy Headquarters (now the VR Room) and clicking on the image of the Mission Console on the bottom right corner. It has three sections: training missions, info and current missions. The training missions are the ones you have completed. The current missions are the missions you haven't done. When you click on a mission in the "current" or "training" missions, an image of the mission, a summary of the mission, and a "Launch Mission" button will appear on the "Info" section.

From The F.I.S.H.:

  • Please note that some missions are classified until other missions have been completed.
  • Once you've selected your mission, click the 'Launch Mission' button, and you'll be briefed on your tasks.
  • Keep in mind that once you have completed a mission, you may retry it under your 'Training' missions.


  • The Mission Console wasn't always there. It was placed in around the time the mission "Clockwork Repairs" was added. It used to be a mission folder instead.
  • There is a similar mission console in the Command Room on Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force.
  • If you hover over its icon with your mouse it will say "MISSION READY".
  • Due to the updates, you can play any mission without any requirements.