Migrator (Party Room)

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Where In the sea.
Opened February 23, 2012
Closed March 7, 2012
Mini-Games None
ID 851
Tour Description
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The Migrator was a room during the Rockhopper's Quest. All players can access it. It is the upgraded version of the Rockhopper ship. In this upgraded version, there were no Crow's Nest, Ship's Hold and Captain's Quarters. It was the first and possibly last time you can actually ride on the Migrator.

Tour Guide descriptions[edit]

  • Here we have the Migrator! Err... I mean... Avast! Welcome aboard! This is the famous Captain Rockhopper's ship... and we be raising anchor! Let's begin our tour at sea.
  • Arr! Welcome back to the Migrator, crew! We be sailing off to Dinosaur Island now... which I hear has lots of Dinosaurs... hence the name. The Captain will have your orders for ye!
  • Avast! Welcome back to the ship! We're heading to the dangerous Shipwreck Island. Everyone stay alert! We're losing daylight... there's a small chance we might crash! All hands on deck!
  • Arr! That was quite the adventure. We're on our way back to Club Penguin now... I hope ye enjoyed our tour at sea. Fair winds everyone!