Merry Walrus

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Merry Walrus
Full Name Merry Walrus
Species Walrus
Position Merry Walrus Party Mascot
Appeared See appearances
Color Brown
Clothing Merry Walrus
Related To Unknown
Friends With Lorna, Roofhowse, Blizzard, Sydmull, Jangrah
Meetable Character? Yes
Voiced/ Played By Brian Cummings
Merry Walrus! It's my name and my catchphrase!
— Merry Walrus, Merry Walrus Party

Merry Walrus is the creator and mascot of the Merry Walrus traditions, often noticed as the Club Penguin equivalent of Santa Claus.



Merry Walrus spends a year on his island making and wrapping presents for the Merry Walrus celebrations. Each December he travels the world to deliver presents to everyone. It's likely that Merry Walrus discovered Blue Crystal Puffles to carry his sleigh around. According to Aunt Arctic, these traditions may be brand new, because a few new ones were added for 2014's Merry Walrus Party.[1][2][3]

Helping with Coins for Change[edit]

Sometime after the Pirate Party 2014, Aunt Arctic discovered a Merry Walrus storybook at the Forest.[4][5] Shortly after reading the story, Aunt Arctic invited Merry Walrus to Club Penguin Island to help with Coins for Change.

Before the Merry Walrus Party began, Herbert kidnapped Merry Walrus and took over his island in hopes of capturing penguins in a sound-absoring barrier for Operation: Silent Night. Fortunately these plans backhired on Herbert and got himself captured. After Herbert's arrestment the Merry Walrus Party began. After the party ended, Merry Walrus delivered the Coins for Change coins to their destinations.

Merry Walrus would briefly return for the Holiday Party 2015 to deliver penguins a Deluxe Gingerbread House.


Merry Walrus is a large, light-skinned walrus with large eyebrows and a long mustache. He wears a white and light blue Russian hat, dark blue and white robes, light blue gloves and a belt with a Crystal Puffle pattern on it.

Ask Merry Walrus[edit]

On final week of the Merry Walrus Party, Merry Walrus took over the Ask section of the newspaper.


List of Merry Walrus's appearances



  • Merry Walrus's favorite tradition from 2014 was decorating the tree at the Forest.[6]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Morsa Feliz
French Joyeux Morse
Spanish Hermosa Morsa
German Merry Walrus
Russian Дед Моржос

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