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In Club Penguin, sometimes creatures are mentioned yet never showed on-screen for the penguins to see. Some of these creatures may not exist and have been made up.


Were you looking for the furniture item, the Pink Flamingo?

Although flamingo furniture items have been sold in the Furniture Catalog, Rockhopper claims to have met a real pirate gang of Flamingos. It's unknown if penguins on Club Penguin will ever meet a real flamingo. Rockhopper claims you cannot trust a flamingo.

Puffle Eating Fish[edit]

Rockhopper claims that one time when Yarr vanished, a giant puffle-eating fish with 10 tails had Yarr in its mouth safe and sound.


Rockhopper claimed in one of his coat's origins that a sewfish sewed it for him. Rockhopper also claims sewfish can make socks out of seaweed, a cape out of kelp, boots out of barnacles and jackets out of sails.


  • It's unlikely sewfish or seagulls exist around the island because Rockhopper has multiple origins on his jacket and only one can be true.

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