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The old Game Card, one method of acquiring a membership status.

Penguins who have Membership[1] can dress up in various clothing, decorate their igloos, adopt more than two puffles, have more choices, more room on servers, and go to exclusive parties. The members can get clothes not only from the Gift Shop, but if they are EPF agents, then they can buy clothes from the Elite Gear. Also, if they are ninjas, they can also get ninja furniture, buy a hand gong or get one of the Ninja Costumes. The Stage also has clothes in the Costume Trunk (note: The stage changes plays, which also affect the costumes). Also, they may open their igloo to the public to have a "party." Simply, a membership results in many additional features. The main countries for membership are the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia.[2] When a player becomes a member, a "Member Badge" will appear in the upper left corner of their Player Card. Member Badges can vary according to how long you have been a member on Club Penguin. As of January 31, 2017 players can no longer buy membership for your penguin.

Member Features[edit]

  • Access all mini-game levels.
  • Purchase mini-game upgrade items.
  • Earn EPF agent items (Agent, Tactical, Comm, Tech and Stealth)
  • Unlimited access to exclusive features at Parties.
    • Access special Member-Only areas.
    • Receive free member items.
    • Buy member items from party catalogs.
    • Attend the Member-Only parties.
  • Wear any clothing items for your penguin.
    • Get all the items for all during parties and the Items for Everyone in the Penguin Style catalog.
  • Adopt any color of puffle and adopt up to 75 puffles.
  • Get furniture and items for your igloo.
  • Get interactive igloo items for your pet puffles.
  • Upgrade your igloo from its default state.
  • Choose background music for your igloo.
  • Open igloos to the public and host parties and events.
  • Customize the Stamp Book.
  • Get member stamps.
  • Buy Puffle Hats in Puffle Catalog.
  • Dig for rare items and puffle food in Puffle Digging.


Months Badge
1 - 6 Months Memberbadge.png
7 - 12 Months 6-12 EN.png
13 - 18 Months 12-18 EN.png
19 - 24 Months 18-24 EN.png
25+ Months 24-plus EN.png

Membership Prices[edit]

Membership can be paid in Monthly, Bi-Annual or Annual installments. The annual option is cheaper over a long term period; however, many users prefer to use Monthly, as they can cancel it after any monthly period.

Memberships can be purchased online (as can gift certificates), or residents of the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada may purchase a membership card.


Currency initials What they mean Currency symbols
GBP Great British Pound £
BRL Brazilian Real R$
AUD Australian Dollar $
NZD New Zealand Dollar $
USD United States Dollar $
CAN Canadian Dollar $
EUR Euro
MXN Mexican Peso Mex$
ARS Argentine Peso $
MYR Malaysian Ringgit RM
INR Indian Rupees
PHP Philippine Pesos
CHI Chilean Pesos $
COP Colombian Pesos $
PLN Polish Złoty
TL Turkish Lira TL
NOK Norwegian Kroner kr
DKK Danish Krone k
SEK Swedish krona kr
PEN Nuevo Sol S/.
CRC Costa Rican Colón
ILS Israeli New Shekel
ZAR South African Rand R
UYU Uruguayan Peso $U
GTQ Guatemalan Quetzal Q
DOP Dominican Peso DOP
SGD Singaporean Dollar $

Membership Prices[edit]

  • Monthly:
    • £4.95 GBP
    • R$8.95 BRL
    • $8.95 AUD/NZD
    • $7.95 USD/CAN
    • €4.95 EUR
    • Mex$55.00 MXN
    • $49.90 ARS
    • RM13.95 MYR
    • ₹199 INR
    • $2.500 CHI
    • $9.500 COP
    • 14.00 PLN
    • $8.90 TL
    • kr39.00 DKK
    • kr45.00 NOK
    • kr49.00 SEK
    • ₱195.00 PHP
    • $8.95 SGD
  • 3 Months (Limited Edition):
    • £9.95 GBP
    • R$22.95 BRL
    • $17.95 AUD/NZD
    • $14.95 USD/CAN
    • €12.95 EUR
    • Mex$128.00 MXN
  • 6 Months:
    • £19.95 GBP
    • R$44.95 BRL
    • $34.95 AUD/NZD
    • $39.95 USD/CAN
    • €24.95 EUR
    • Mex$255.00 MXN
    • $219.90 ARS
    • RM69.95 MYR
    • ₹990 INR
    • 12.300 CHI
    • $47.500 COP
    • $44.90 TL
    • 70.00 PLN
    • kr195.00 DKK
    • kr225.00 NOK
    • kr245.00 SEK
    • ₱990.00 PHP
    • $35.95 SGD
  • 12 Months:
    • £29.95 GBP
    • R$84.95 BRL
    • $59.95 AUD/NZD
    • $59.95 USD/CAN
    • €39.95 EUR
    • Mex$495.00 MXN
    • $399.90 ARS
    • RM134.95 MYR
    • ₹1900 INR
    • 22.750 CHI
    • $91.500 COP
    • $86.90 TL
    • 130.00 PLN
    • kr295.00 DKK
    • kr345.00 NOK
    • kr395.00 SEK
    • ₱1900.00 PHP
    • $59.95 SGD
  • As of July 13 the prices will be raising with 2.00 USD (1 Month and 12 Months Memberships) and 10.00 USD (6 Months Membership) in United States of America and Canada.


  • If players purchased a membership between December 9 and 31, 2010, they would get 12,000 coins added onto their account.
  • If players purchased a 1-month membership between January 18th to the 31st, 2013, it would cost $1.99 and you will receive, a custom igloo, a bone toga, special igloo items, 5000 coins, and a triceratops shield.