Medieval Party 2012

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Medieval Party 2012
Medieval Party 2012 Logo.
Members only No
When May 16, 2012 - May 30, 2012
Free Item(s)

Noble Helmet, Staff and Shield, Iron Helmet, Iron Armor, Gary Medieval Giveaway.

White Noble Horse, Toothbrush pin, Dragon's Gold, White Knight Helmet, Gold Staff and Shield, White Knight Armor, Battle Cape, Crown of the Dragon King pin, Skyward Staff.
Catalog(s) Medieval Catalog
Mascot(s) Gary the Gadget Guy
Where Club Penguin Island
Preceded by
Earth Day 2012
Succeeded by
Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2012

The Medieval Party 2012 was a party on Club Penguin. It was Club Penguin's fifth annual Medieval Party. It was confirmed in Issue 336 of the Club Penguin Times and in UK Disney site.[1] It started on May 16, 2012 and ended on May 30, 2012. Gary could also be met during the party with a new background, Gary Medieval Giveaway. It marks the first time he could be met during the Medieval Party. Unlike many other years, there was no new Ye Knight's Quest. However, a different type of quest featuring a dragon named Scorn took place.[2] All players are also able to complete the first Knight's Quest, but only members are able to collect the items. On May 23, all players could get the items.



On the What's New Blog for over 6 days, sneak peeks with the medieval map of Club Penguin Island were posted as a story in 7 parts. The stories, called "clues" were narrated by the King of Dragons, Scorn, as he invited the heroes of Club Penguin to try to defeat him. He also told the story of how he managed to destroy a thriving empire and described places called the Fairy Forest and the Mushroom Kingdom in the 3rd and 4th message, respectively. The dragon mentions Gary in the 4th and 5th clue and mentions a place called the Dragon Kingdom. Part 6 describes the Mountain, where the Scorn is. The 7th and final part speaks of a place called the Sky Kingdom. The clues began to be posted on May 9, 2012, and the last episode was posted on the 11th of that month.

Decorations & Theme[edit]

Despite having followed the usual pattern, this party differed from the others in several respects. This did not bring a new of the Ye Knight's Quest, which happened at all Medieval Parties since 2009. However, the 3 quests could still be played in the Cave. This also differed by bringing new decorations for every room in the western portion of the Club Penguin Island, excluding Ski Lodge and Attic, plus a new character to be the main villain of the party: Scorn, the King of Dragons. This was the first Medieval Party to have a story. The Medieval History which was published for over 5 days and divided into 7 parts on the What's New Blog had a clue for every "kingdom" from the party, describing each of the main rooms of the party (Town, Dock, Beach, Ski Village, Misery Mountain and Sky Kingdom), and had also a bit of Scorn history. The goal was to defeat Scorn and make peace return to Club Penguin.

Free items[edit]

Image Item Location Members only?
NobleHelmet.PNG Noble Helmet Ski Hill No
StaffAndShield.png Staff And Shield Ye Knight's Quest No*
IronHelmet.png Iron Helmet Ye Knight's Quest No*
Iron Armor.PNG Iron Armor Ye Knight's Quest No*
GaryMedievalGiveawayIcon.PNG Gary Medieval Giveaway Obtained by meeting Gary No
WhiteNobleHorse.PNG White Noble Horse Ye Knight's Quest 2 Yes
Toothbrush Pin.PNG Toothbrush pin Ye Knight's Quest 2 Yes
Dragon's Gold.PNG Dragon's Gold (furniture) Ye Knight's Quest 2 Yes
WhiteKnightHelmet.PNG White Knight Helmet Ye Knight's Quest 3 Yes
GoldStaffandShield.PNG Gold Staff and Shield Ye Knight's Quest 3 Yes
WhiteKnightArmor.PNG White Knight Armor Ye Knight's Quest 3 Yes
BattleCape.PNG Battle Cape Bridge Yes*
CrownoftheDragonKing.PNG Crown of the Dragon King pin Misery Mountain (after defeat Dragon King) Yes*
SkywardStaff.PNG Skyward Staff Sky Kingdom Yes



Sneak Peeks[edit]


Party Pictures[edit]

Party Rooms[edit]




  • In the sneak peek video with Carmen, she said that a villain would fly into Club Penguin (which turned out to be Scorn).
  • During the construction for the party, players could see the shadow of the Dragon King in Dock, Ski Village and Town.
  • There was an exclusive mini-game during the party called Scorn Battle.
  • The Lighthouse references many parties or events, on the left side mainly. A pile of candy (Halloween Party 2011), pieces of quartz (Medieval Parties 2008-2011 and Underwater Expedition), a penguin statue on the left side (Underwater Expedition), pie (Puffle Party 2012), a squid tentacle in a vase (Underwater Expedition,) and a golden puffle (Quest for the Golden Puffle).
  • It is the last Medieval Party to have the Ye Knight's Quests because none of them returned for the Medieval Party 2013.
  • It is the last non-promotional party before the Marvel Superhero Takeover 2012.


During the party, penguins could hear the music from Penguin Games 2008 and Puffle Party at the Iceberg and music from the Island Adventure Party at the Cove.

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Sources and References[edit]

  1. "Heroes Needed! Scorn, the evil Dragon King has taken over Club Penguin, leaving the entire island in a state of destruction, dark shadows, and ruins... Join your friends on Club Penguin, gather your forces and rise up together to reclaim your land! Member heroes can search for the magical items from three islands on the new quest map. Visit the Fairy Forest, the Mushroom Kingdom, and the Royal Kingdom Ruins. Collect all the scavenger hunt parts, challenge Scorns, and reclaim the magical Sky Kingdom! Help defeat the evil Dragon King!"
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