Medal (currency)

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The medal.
Were you looking for the medals that you earn by completing missions?

Medals are awards that can be earned by completing a Field-Op or when completing a level which has the villain that is attacking the EPF at the time in System Defender. You can usually earn one medal after completing a Field-Op. They are also used as currency in the Elite Gear shop. Using the medals you earn, you can buy different items. The cost of the items range from one to four medals. You can earn stamps if you earn a certain amount of medals.

Earning multiple medals[edit]

In some occasions, you would receive more than one medal for completing a task. Here are the events that would earn you more than one medal.


See main article: Elite Gear

As the medal can also be redeemed on EPF gear, it is also a currency. All players can redeem a medal for the EPF Earpiece, while members can redeem agent gear, Tactical gear, Comm gear, Tech gear and Stealth gear.