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The board on a table.
Players 2
Minigame Location Book Room
Date released August 2005
Stamps awarded No

Mancala is a mini-game played in the Book Room, and is also Captain Rockhopper's favorite game to play while he is docked in Club Penguin. Also, see Mancala for more information on the game played in real life. Many penguins find Mancala difficult, as without first reading the rules displayed on the wall, it can be hard to understand.

A green penguin playing Mancala with Rockhopper.

How to Play[edit]

A look at the Mancala Board.

Players alternate turns. In his or her turn, each player selects a group of stones from one hole on his or her side of the board. Each stone is dropped one by one in the holes around the board, including his Mancala, but not the opponent's Mancala.

How to Win[edit]

This game is over when a player has no more stones on his or her side of the board. The winner is the player with the greatest total number of stones in his or her mancala and any remaining stones on his or her side of the board.

Objective of the Game[edit]

Each player attempts to collect as many stones as possible before one of the players clears his or her side of the stones.


  • Mancala was at the Coffee Shop during the first beta testing day, and was moved to the Book Room after two days.
  • Like Find Four, other players are able to join the game and watch if two people are already playing.
  • Mancala started as a game made by RocketSnail.
    • A variation of Mancala called Mancala Snails was also made by RocketSnail. This variation is still playable on RocketSnail's website.
  • In November 2005, a Mancala table was placed in the HQ for Secret Agents to play. It was later removed in February 2006.

Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Mancala
French Mancala
Spanish Mancala
German Mancala
Russian Манкала



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