Magic Sleigh Ride

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Magic Sleigh Ride
Where On the Night Club Rooftop (2009-2011,2015)
On the Ski Lodge Rooftop (2012)
Opened December 18, 2009
December 16, 2010
December 15, 2011
December 19, 2012
September 30, 2015
December 16, 2015
Closed December 29, 2009
December 28, 2010
December 28, 2011
January 3, 2013
October 21, 2015
January 6, 2016
Mini-Games None
ID 851 (2009-2011)
853 (2015)
863 (2015)
Tour Description
"Ho ho ho! Here we are on Santa's Sled! Let's use these controls... to help fly the sleigh.We can deliver presents by pressing the button. Once we finish delivering... we can pick up a special gift!"
"Ho ho ho! Here we are on Santa's Sled! Let's use these controls... to help fly the sleigh. We can deliver presents by pressing the button. Once we finish delivering... we can pick up a special gift!
"Ho Ho Ho! We are on the Sleigh! Help drive the sleigh with the Controls, And press the red buttons to drop presents into the Chimneys!"

The Magic Sleigh Ride is a Santa Claus-themed excursion, found on the Night Club Rooftop during the Holiday Party 2009. Segregated only for members, it consisted of a giant sleigh with a sack of presents at the back and a control panel in the front. Players could earn a Santa Suit if they achieved the goal of accurately delivering fifteen presents.

After all the presents were delivered into chimneys of igloos, the Sleigh returned to the Night Club Rooftop if you chose to land, and in 2009, players were awarded a Santa Suit if they won. In 2010, you would get Santa's Present Bag if you completed the journey. The sack would only appear for 5 seconds so you would have to be quick to get it on some servers. The circuit then continues. In 2011, you would get three prizes if you completed it three times. In Holiday Party 2012, it was found on the Ski Lodge Rooftop. It returned three years later for the 10th Anniversary Party and for the Holiday Party 2015.

The Ride[edit]

The Sleigh started off on the Night Club Rooftop, where you were taught the main controls of the sleigh. You could actually stop the demonstration by immediately pressing Fly, or wait for the demonstration to finish and then it would fly. During the Countdown, you could stop it and get off the Sleigh by pressing Land. After the Countdown, the Sleigh would take off and you could start delivering the presents. You delivered the Presents by pressing the Present Release button when a chimney was near the hole in the Sack of Toys. The Igloos were based on the Christmas Igloos from the Igloo Upgrades Catalog, which were the Snow Globe Igloo, Basic Igloo, Candy Igloo, Deluxe Igloo, Deluxe Candy Igloo and Gingerbread House Igloo. As soon as one had delivered all fifteen presents, a Santa Suit would be available for a limited time. If you already had it, a Seasonal Message would appear. The Circuit then continues, though some penguins pressed Land after completing the Ride. If you landed, it would land on the Night Club Rooftop. It was unknown how you got back where you started, as you went forward. And when you landed, you got back on the Night Club Rooftop, and if you started the circuit again, it started like when you first started.


  • Issue #217 of the Club Penguin Times said that there would be "something exciting above the Night Club during the party", a clear reference to the sleigh ride.
  • The event is similar to the Hot Air Balloon Ride due to the countdown panel and the Present-count.
  • The sleigh itself looked similar to the sled at the Snow Forts during Christmas Party 2006 and Christmas Party 2008.
  • When landing and launching, both the Coffee Shop and Gift Shop were absent.

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