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Full Name Lolz
Species Puffle
Position Cadence's puffle
Appeared Puffle Party 2011

The Party Starts Now

Color Purple
Clothing None
Related To Unknown
Friends With Cadence
Meetable Character? Yes (while she is walked)

Lolz is Cadence's Purple Puffle. She first appeared at the Puffle Party 2011. Like Yarr, she has a different pose than other puffles on the player card, having a pose a purple Puffle makes while dancing. She is female. Because of Lolz, Cadence is the second famous meetable character to have a walkable puffle. The first is Rockhopper. Lolz's design did not change in early 2011.




  • According to Cadence, Lolz was named because she makes Cadence lol (laugh out loud).
  • According to Cadence, Lolz wants a hat and is jealous of puffles with hats.
  • Cadence asked her good friend, Franky, to help her find a perfect puffle before she got Lolz. They tried all the colors of puffles, except the Purple Puffle. Cadence later took the puffle test and that led to her getting Lolz.