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The current login screen style.

The Login Screen is the screen where penguins log in to play Club Penguin. The scenes shown above the "Play" button on the Login Screen usually depict a scene that relates to something that is currently or about to be taking place on the Club Penguin Island, such as a party. You can create a penguin or become a member here.

Old login screen[edit]

A login screen used to promote the stamps.

Initially, this screen featured an "Buy a Membership" button above the Login button, but after a while the button's text changed to "Learn More About Membership". The "Create a Penguin" button got bigger and more highlighted.

Older login screen[edit]

A login screen used during the Earth Day 2011. This layout was used, with different Club Penguin advertisements.

This screen featured an "Unlock Items" button at the top-right part of the screen and a "Play" button replacing the current "Login" button. It also had a link to the What's New Blog.

Oldest login screen[edit]

The oldest Login Screen.

Unlike the current Login Screen, the old Login Screen would not have any of the scenes above the "Login" button, and in that place, the Club Penguin logo could be seen. In the upper-right a button that linked to the "Parents" page could be found.

Temporary login screen[edit]

The temporary screen.

There was a temporary login screen, which was between the oldest and the older screens. It was used in November 2008, and it had things from both screens. Few penguins have seen it as it was only available for a few days, later replaced by the current login screen.

Current Ads[edit]

Past Ads/Temporary Ads[edit]


Party and Events Login Screen[edit]