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Ideas:Lodge Attic

Lodge Attic
Where Above the Ski Lodge
Opened April 27, 2006
Closed Still open.
Mini-Games None
ID 221
Tour Description
“This is the Mystery Attic. It's full of strange objects... from the mysteries of Club Penguin... there's even a Box Portal by the buoy.”
The Lodge Attic during the Medieval Party 2008.

The Lodge Attic (also known as Mystery Attic) is the top story of the Ski Lodge; it is only accessed through a ladder. However, it was not released at the same time as the Ski Lodge – primarily being built to store things or for more places to play Find Four. Due to its somewhat hidden entrance, not many penguins are aware of it, though it was not created with the intention of it being a secret room. A bunch of snow was stored in the Lodge Attic in March 2009 for the Snow Sculpture Showcase 2009. It received a new look on March 18, 2015 along with Ski Lodge.


Pin # Pin name Available from Available until
7 Beach Ball Pin.PNGBeach Ball pin June 9, 2006 June 23, 2006
28 Pot O' Gold Pin.PNGPot O' Gold pin March 16, 2007 March 30, 2007
49 Wreath Pin.PNGWreath pin December 21, 2007 January 4, 2008
80 Gingerbread Man Pin.PNGGingerbread Man pin January 2, 2009 January 16, 2009
86 Top Hat Pin.PNGTop Hat pin March 17, 2009 April 10, 2009
102 Football Pin.PNGFootball pin October 9, 2009 October 23, 2009
108 Snowman Pin.PNGSnowman pin December 18, 2009 January 2, 2010
128 Tambourine Pin.PNGTambourine Pin July 15, 2010 July 29, 2010
147 BluePufflePin.PNGBlue Puffle Pin February 10, 2011 February 24, 2011
213 SpotlightPin.PNGSpotlight pin July 25, 2012 August 8, 2012
240 RobotVillainPin.PNGRobot Villain Pin April 17, 2013 May 2, 2013
276 NeonO'Berrypin.PNGNeon O'Berry pin April 30, 2014 May 14, 2014
327 GlamCamPin.pngGlam Cam pin August 5, 2015 August 19, 2015


Normal room designs[edit]

Party designs[edit]

List of “Mysterious Things”[edit]

When the Lodge Attic was updated, lots of mysterious things from Club Penguin history were put in this room. Here’s a list of these things:


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Sótão
French Grenier du Chalet
Spanish Ático del Refugio
German Hüttenspeicher
Russian Чердак коттеджа


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