Living Sled

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Living Sled
Full Name Living Sled
Species Toboggan
Position Monster sled


Appeared Night of the Living Sled trilogy, Night of the Living Sled: Live
Color Brown
Clothing None (Night of the Living Sled)

Sunglasses and bow tie (Hollywood Party)

Related To Unknown
Friends With Unknown
Meetable Character? No

The Living Sled is a (hence the name) living sled, it was created by an Evil Scientist. It appears on the Night of the Living Sled: Live Stage play with a Sled Costume. It has been in many movies in the past Halloween Parties.


  • In its movies, it has been shown chasing two penguins around the island. It is unknown what it wants from them.
  • If you press the up or down arrow key whilst holding the Spooky Penguin Statue the penguin will eventually change into the Living Sled.
  • On a frame in Coffee Shop, during the Hollywood Party, wearing sunglasses and a bow tie.


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