List of unlockable code items

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Item Image Type Code
5 Year Celebration Hat 5YearCelebrationHat.PNG Head Item ORGULHO5
(Code Expired)
French 5th Year Party Hat French5thYearPartyHat.PNG Head Item CADEAUCP
(Code Expired)
Blue Border Collie Hat BlueBorderCollieHat.PNG Head Item PUFFLES1
(Code Expired)
Glowing Pumpkin Head GlowingPumpkinHead.PNG Head Item PUMPKIN1
(Code Expired)
King's Crown KingsCrownUnlock.PNG Head Item DJUBILEE
(Code Expired)
Park Ranger Hat Park Ranger Hat.PNG Head Item NATLPARK
(Code Expired)
5 Year Celebration Hat SpanishFifthYearHat.PNG Head Item CELEBRA5
(Code Expired)
Stealth Tracker StealthTracker.PNG Head Item EPFAGENT
(Code Expired)
The Hornament Hat TheHornamentHat.PNG Head Item HOLIDAY1
The Tree Topper TheTreeTopperUnlock.PNG Head Item SURPRISE
(Code Expired)
Tricorn Hat TricornHatUnlock.PNG Head Item SOMBRERO
(500 Coins??)
Celadon Alien Mask CeladonAlienMask.PNG Face Item UFOMASKE
(Code Expired)
Eyepatch EyepatchUnlock.PNG Face Item ELPIRATA
(Code Expired)
Bear Costume BearCostume.png Body Item BEARCUBS
(Code Expired)
Blue Blend Hoodie BlueBlendHoodie.PNG Body Item DISN2014
(Code Expired)
Blue Tracksuit BlueTracksuitUnlock.PNG Body Item DSKYRIDE
(Code Expired)
Celadon Alien Costume CeladonAlienCostume.PNG Body Item UFOANZUG
(Code Expired)
Ghost Costume GhostCostumeUnlock.PNG Body Item FANTASMA
Gray Pirate Coat GrayPirateCoatUnlock.PNG Body Item UNPIRATA
(Code Expired)
Green Crosshatched Hoodie Green Crosshatched Hoodie.png Body Item D23EXP11
Percy Costume PercyCostume.PNG Body Item DISNEYMU
(Code Expired)
Purple Dragon Costume PurpleDragonCostumeUnlock.PNG Body Item HAPPYCNY
(Code Expired)
Red Rocker T-Shirt RedRockerT-Shirt.PNG Body Item MMCODE12
(Code Expired)
UK Hoodie UKHoodie.PNG Body Item FREEHOOD
(Code Expired)
TIE Fighter Pilot Costume TIEFighterPilotCostume.PNG Body Item BARONFEL
Checkered Flag CheckeredFlag.PNG Hand Item RACEFLAG
Bunch of Balloons BunchOfBalloonsUnlock.PNG Hand Item PRESENTE
Laptop LaptopUnlock.PNG Hand Item STAYSAFE
Popcorn PopcornUnlock.PNG Hand Item FILMSTAR
Purple Dragon Feet PurpleDragonFeetUnlock.PNG Feet Item HAPPYCNY
Headphones HeadphonesPuffle.PNG Puffle Hat HPHONES1
Presents (ID 656) HolidayGifts.PNG Furniture R3YES014
Mossy Log
Koi Pond
Mossy Log.png
Koi Pond.PNG
Furniture BEARS418
Be Heard Campaign Shirt
Be Heard Campaign Shirt.png
Hand and Body Item 2BEHEARD
Cloudy Umbrella CloudyUmbrella.png Hand Item DOZHDIK1
Merry Walrus Medal Merry Walrus Medal.png Neck Item YOURGIFT
Tiara Tiara.png Head Item PRINCESS
Present Outfit PresentOutfit.PNG Body Item DIAMORSA
(Code Expired)
Kloo Horn Kloo Horn Unlockable.png Hand Item STARWARS
Cocoa Bunny Ears CocoaBunnyEarsUnlockable.png Head Item PASCUA15
Monkey Costume Monkey Costume Unlockable.png Body Item MONKEY4U
Tiki Tiki Headdress
Bunch of Balloons
Head and Hand Item FELIZDIA
(Code Expired)
Hiking Backpack
Hiking Backpack.PNG
Neck and Hand Item FERIASCP
Santa Beard SantaBeard.png Neck Item LARANJA8
Jolly Roger Hat JollyRogerHatUnlockable.png Head Item ESTEANO5
Holiday Wreath HolidayWreath.png Furniture BOAFESTA