List of parties in 2013

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This is a list of the parties and events that occurred in 2013.

Party/event Start Date End Date Free Items Notes
Prehistoric Party 2013 January 16 January 29 T Rex Hoodie
Gary's Prehistoric Giveaway
Lava Flow (members only)
Waterfall (members only)
Volcano (members only)
Ancient Tree (members only)
Age of Dinosaurs (members only)
Hollywood Party February 14 February 26 Action Scene background
Aunt Arctic's Gift
Cadence's New Giveaway
Digital Camera
Film Director Cap
Gary's Explosive Giveaway
Movie Camera
Sensei's Autograph
Silver Award
Space Squid background
Superstar background
500 Carat Diamond Ring (members only)
Bronze Award‎ (members only)
Film Script (members only)
Gold Award (members only)
Gold Letterman Jacket (members only)
Golf Cart (members only)
Space Squid Costume (members only)
Slider Cell (members only)
Stuntman Suit (members only)
Stuntwoman Suit (members only)
Red Nose Day February 28 March 20 Red Nose
Puffle Party 2013 March 20 April 2 PH Giveaway
Gourmet O'Berries
Puffle Trainers (members only)
Puffle Groomer Outfit (members only)
Puffle Hotel Cap (members only)
Spa Towel (members only)
Rainbow Puffle (members only)
Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013 April 24 May 7 Aunt Arctic's Press Giveaway
Hero Hoodie
Money Bag
Mug Shot background
Super Hero Hoodie
Robot Hoodie
Electro Blast Gloves (members only)
Force Wave Power Gloves (members only)
Magma Power Gloves (members only)
Brainwave Gloves (members only)
Fireball Gloves (members only)
Ooze Power Gloves (members only)
Crystal Shards Gloves (members only)
Telekinesis Power Gloves (members only)
Robot Remote Control (members only)
Card-Jitsu Party 2013‎ May 23 June 6 Fire Headband
Snow Headband
Water Headband
Sensei's Bonsai Giveaway
Fire Training Plates (members only)
Snow Training Plates (members only)
Water Training Plates (members only)
Monsters University Takeover June 26 July 10 JOX Hat
OK Hat
Star Wars Takeover‎ July 24 August 13 Stormtrooper Helmet
Rebel Reward Pin
Rebel Helmet
Death Star Plans background
X-wing Helmet
Yavin 4 background
Dark Side Giveaway
Stormtrooper Costume (members only)
Sandtrooper Pauldrons (members only)
Rebel Boots (members only)
Rebel Costume (members only)
X-wing Pilot Costume (members only)
Rebel Reward Medal (members only)
Anakin's Lightsaber (members only)
The Padawan (members only)
Jedi Robes (members only)
Jedi Cloak (members only)
Black Jedi Robes (members only)
Luke's Lightsaber (members only)
Obi-Wan Cloak (members only)
Darth Vader Helmet (members only)
Darth Vader Costume (members only)
Darth Vader's Lightsaber (members only)
Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam‎ August 21 September 3 Ukulele
Retro Cap
Beach Towel
Summer Jam Giveaway
Cadence's Aug 2013 Giveaway
McKenzie and Brady's Giveaway
Sunset Beach Background (members only)
Medieval Party 2013‎ September 18 October 2 Wizardly Hat
Gary's Potion Giveaway
Wizardly Jacket (members only)
Magical Wand (members only)
Halloween Party 2013‎ October 17 October 31 Wrapper Head
Rookie's Halloween Giveaway
8th Anniversary Party October 23 October 31 8th Anniversary Hat
This Old Town background
Aunt Arctic's Press Giveaway
Operation: Puffle November 20 December 3 Head Lamp
Rock Climbing Rope
Search Flashlight
PH's Golden Puffle Giveaway
Herbert's Hoard Giveaway
Gold Puffle Chain (members only)
Golden Hoodie (members only)
Golden Off-Roader (members only)
Golden Sneakers (members only)
Golden Headphones (members only)
Rescue Off-roader (members only)
Hydro-Tester 3000 (members only)
Stethoscope (members only)
Puffle Field Medic Outfit (members only)
Rescue Ring (members only)
Search & Rescue Snowmobile (members only)
Snow Goggles (members only)
Arctic Camouflage Suit (members only)
Holiday Party 2013 December 18 December 31 Big Cozy Chair background
2013 CFC donation pin
Jolly Roger Hat
Rockhopper's 2013 Holiday Giveaway
Little Red Wagon
Penguin Nests Pin
Toy Sack
Habitat Preserver background
Marching Band Drum
Clean Water Pin
Wildlife Corridor Protector background
Milk and Cookies
Gold Railroad Corner
Gold Railroad Crossing
Gold Railroad Intersection
Gold Railroad Piece
Sweet Swirl Igloo

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