List of Takeover Party Rooms

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Room Parties
MarvelSuperheroTakeoverParty1.PNG Downtown Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2012
MarvelSuperheroTakeoverParty3.PNG Hero HQ Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2012
MarvelSuperheroTakeoverParty2.PNG Villain Lair Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2012
MakeYourMarkUltimateJamParty4.png Backstage! Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam
MSHT2013Party1.PNG Hero Carrier Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013
MSHT2013Party2.PNG Hero Lab Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013
MSHT2013Party3.PNG Villain HQ Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013
MUTParty3-1.PNG Amphitheater Monsters University Takeover
MUTParty1.PNG Campus Quad Monsters University Takeover
MUTParty4.PNG Fraternity Row Monsters University Takeover
MUTParty6.PNG JOX House Monsters University Takeover
MUTParty5.PNG OK House Monsters University Takeover
MUTParty8.PNG PNK House Monsters University Takeover
MUTParty7.PNG ROR House Monsters University Takeover
MUTParty2.PNG Scare Hall Monsters University Takeover
StarWarsTakoverParty11.PNG Bridge Star Wars Takeover
StarWarsTakoverParty7.PNG Cantina Star Wars Takeover
StarWarsTakoverParty5.PNG Desert Star Wars Takeover
StarWarsTakoverParty15.PNG Detention Block Star Wars Takeover
StarWarsTakoverParty8.PNG Docking Bay Star Wars Takeover
StarWarsTakoverParty12.PNG Elevators Star Wars Takeover
StarWarsTakoverParty4.PNG Lars Homestead Star Wars Takeover
StarWarsTakoverParty10.PNG Meeting Room Star Wars Takeover
StarWarsTakoverParty1.PNG Millennium Falcon Star Wars Takeover
StarWarsTakoverParty6.PNG Mos Eisley Star Wars Takeover
StarWarsTakoverParty17.PNG Rebel Base Star Wars Takeover
StarWarsTakoverParty3.PNG Sand Crawler Star Wars Takeover
StarWarsTakoverParty2.PNG Tatooine Star Wars Takeover
StarWarsTakoverParty9.PNG Throne Room Star Wars Takeover
StarWarsTakoverParty14.PNG Tractor Beam Star Wars Takeover
StarWarsTakoverParty13.PNG Trash Compactor Star Wars Takeover
StarWarsTakoverParty16.PNG Yavin 4 Star Wars Takeover
TBMSummerJamParty1.PNG Big Momma's Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam
TBMSummerJamParty2.PNG Big Momma's Backstage Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam
TBMSummerJamParty4.PNG Epic Wave Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam
10th Anniversary Party
TBMSummerJamParty3.PNG Highway Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam
10th Anniversary Party
MuppetsWorldTourParty1.PNG Airport Muppets World Tour
FrozenPartyParty1.PNG Ice Palace Frozen Party
StarWarsRebelsTakeoverParty1.PNG Space Star Wars Rebels Takeover
StarWarsRebelsTakeoverParty2.PNG The Inquisitor's Base Star Wars Rebels Takeover
InsideOutPartyParty4.PNG Dream Productions Inside Out Party
InsideOutPartyParty2.PNG Food Island Inside Out Party
InsideOutPartyParty1.PNG Headquarters Inside Out Party
InsideOutPartyParty3.PNG Imaginationland Inside Out Party
InsideOutPartyParty6.PNG Loot Island Inside Out Party
InsideOutPartyParty5.PNG Subconscious Inside Out Party