List of EPF Event Party Rooms

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Room Parties
BattleOfDoomJun6.PNG Battle of Doom Battle of Doom
BlackOutParty1.PNG Paradise Operation: Blackout
BlackOutParty2.PNG Lock Down Operation: Blackout
BlackOutParty3.PNG Sector 1 Operation: Blackout
BlackOutParty4.PNG Herbert HQ Operation: Blackout
BlackOutParty5.PNG Sector 2 Operation: Blackout
BlackOutParty6.PNG Secret Tunnel Operation: Blackout
BlackOutParty7.PNG Secret HQ Operation: Blackout
HotSauceParty1.PNG Herbert HQ Operation: Hot Sauce
OperationPuffleParty1.PNG Base Camp Operation: Puffle
OperationPuffleParty2.PNG Rescue HQ Operation: Puffle
OperationPuffleParty3.PNG Boot Camp Operation: Puffle
OperationPuffleParty4.PNG Lava Cliffs Operation: Puffle
OperationPuffleParty5.PNG Puffle Vet Operation: Puffle
OperationPuffleParty6.PNG Ice Falls Operation: Puffle
OperationPuffleParty7.PNG Rivers Operation: Puffle
OperationPuffleParty8.PNG River Cave Operation: Puffle
OperationPuffleParty9.PNG Treehouses Operation: Puffle
OperationPuffleParty10.PNG Herbert HQ Operation: Puffle
Area 501 Operation: Crustacean
UFO Operation: Crustacean
OperationCrustaceanParty5.png UFO Engine Room Operation: Crustacean
OperationCrustaceanParty6.png Back-Up Power Room Operation: Crustacean
OperationCrustaceanParty7.png Emergency Thrusters Room Operation: Crustacean
Gamma Shields Room Operation: Crustacean
Gyro Stabilizer Room Operation: Crustacean
OperationCrustaceanParty12.png UFO Observatory Operation: Crustacean