Limited Edition Penguins

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Series 1 in-store box

Limited Edition Penguins are plushes based on the penguins of Club Penguin. They are made by Jakks Pacific. Each plush in each series comes with a Coin Code, so you can unlock two items of your choice from the Treasure Book of the series the toy is from.


  • There was a contest where people could win a special Viking Penguin plush.
  • The first time penguin plushes were found on the Internet was on in August 2009.
  • The Rockhopper plush toy, which was discontinued in series 1, returned in Series 3 of the Treasure Book. This was confirmed by Billybob on the What's New Blog.
  • If you unlock 5 toys in a row, you can access the secret page in the Treasure Book, with 4 unlockable items, called Super Exclusives.
  • The Santa penguin from the first series has a Red Hoodie instead of a Santa Suit as in series five.



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