Lime Green Dojo Clean

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Lime Green Dojo Clean

The cover of Lime Green Dojo Clean
Players 1
Minigame Location Book Room (Library)
Date released February 3, 2009
Stamps awarded No

Lime Green Dojo Clean was a Paint By Letters book published by Snowball Press. It was planned to be released on January 30, 2009 but was delayed until February 3, 2009 due to bugs. The book is set in 2006 during the Lime Green party in the Dojo, which celebrated the release of the new color Lime Green. The base score is 160 coins, but if you find all the hidden coins, it's 800 coins. Along with the other Paint By Letters books, Lime Green Dojo Clean was removed on June 15, 2012.


The big tub of lime green paint.

One day, when you are cleaning the Dojo, many penguins arrive and start a party. They throw lime green colored paint everywhere and you don't like that they are making a mess. Then, a penguin comes in with a very good idea - everyone helps you clean the Dojo after the party ends.

Secret Coin Locations[edit]

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. Click “Expand” to view spoilers.
  • Page 1 - After your penguin is done cleaning the windows, throw the mop in the air. It will land outside and you must sweep it across the windows and a coin will appear.
  • Page 2 - Pick up the giant paint can. A coin will be underneath.
  • Page 3 - After you get hit with paint, you must click the blob in the upper left corner and scrub it back and forth rapidly. A coin will be revealed.
  • Page 4 - Push the green penguin on the floor towards the back wall until the wall flips upside-down and the penguin will go onto the ceiling. Push him to the left blob. If you are successful, a coin will appear.
  • Page 5 - First you must make the penguin with the mop on his head go away, then some of the Dojo walls light up and you must click on them in the correct order and a coin will show up behind the door.
  • Page 6 - Drag the paint can to the left or right and a coin will be there. If you pick 'shout' at the end of this page, you end up with a box of capes on Page 8, or if you picked 'pout', you get the octopus.
  • Page 7 - Click the lightbulb that appears above the penguin's head, but don't let it drop. Then drag it through a set of three mazes, without touching the walls. At the end a coin will appear.
  • Page 8 - It depends on this page. You could either get a giant octopus or a penguin showing you a box of capes.
    • Box of capes: You must take everything out of the box and drag the socks and put them on the penguin's flippers. A coin will then appear behind him.
    • Giant Octopus: Click the blower of the octopus.
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  • This book consists mostly of rhyming sentences.

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